RBH UHSC Desfire Reader (M45 / M45-DNB)


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M45 / M45-DNB Series

  • The RBH-M45 mullion mount reader reads 13.56mhz mifare or Desfire encrypted cards and tags for the highest level of security.
  • These readers can also be ordered with Bluetooth and NFC capability for the ability to read RBH UHSC mobile credentials (available for free in the App store).
  • The readers come standard with 50 bit wiegand output and can be ordered with 34 bit output for third party systems.
  • For ultra secure installations readers can be ordered with OSDP1 & 2 capability.
  • All readers are potted for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Support Bluetooth up to 50 feet range.
  • Support Bluetooth/NFC/Card/Tags all in one.

M45-DNB Datasheet M45 Datasheet

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