SECURAKEY Molded Clamshell Cards, RKCMO2 (Pack of 50)


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Format 201 – 26-Bit Wiegand. Use this when connecting Secura Key readers to control panels by others.

Format 303 – 32-Bit Wiegand. Recommended when using Secura Key readers with SK-ACP.  Format 303 allows over 16,000 different facility codes. Each job can be issued a unique blind facility code. 2


The following formats can be used with HID® Proximity Readers or RKDT Dual Technology Readers.

Format 701, 26-bit Wiegand. (HID Format: H10301)

Format 702, 34-bit Wiegand. (HID Format N10002) Used in Honeywell Northern Computers Systems. Card numbers and facility codes are available up to 65535

Format 703, 37-bit with Facility Code, (HID Format H10304) Card numbers are available up to 500,000 and facility codes up to 65000 are available. Many panels cannot handle ID numbers or facility codes this long. Secura Key does not guarantee unique numbering.

Format 704, 37-bit without Facility Code, (HID Format H10302). ID numbers are available up to 6 billion – Most panels cannot handle a card ID number this long. Secura Key does not guarantee unique numbering.

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