TEMPbadge 04301 – Double-Sided Clip-on Non-Expiring Badges, 3″ x 4″ (Qty. 1 = 1002 Badges)

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Looking for a simple visitor badge solution? Try these non-expiring badges! These badges are made of sturdy card stock and can be customized using a standard inkjet or laser printer.

The badges are blank and come pre-slotted for easy attachment with a plastic clip, lanyard or strap clip. The badges measure 4″ x 3″, leaving plenty of space for printing variable data like a name, company name or date.

These badges are sold in 8.5″ x 11″ sheets, with three full badges per sheet. Both sides of the badge are printed on one pass, with the user able to choose between putting the same information on both sides or different information on each side. After the badges are printed, simply peel the badge off the sheet, press the two sides together and attach it to the user with a clip!

Please note: Each “unit” features 334 sheets, for a total of 1002 complete badges. Ordering a quantity of one means you will get 334 sheets (1002 complete badges), not just a single badge or sheet.

The affordability and ease-of-use of these badges makes them perfect visitor badges for conventions, schools, offices and more.

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