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SignatureGem® LCD 4×5 includes all the high-quality electronic signature capture features of Topaz signature pads with the added feature of a backlit LCD interactive display, allowing users to see “electronic ink” under the pen tip as they sign as well as navigate and display text and graphics.


The large signing area and rugged tempered glass signing surface make this a versatile pad for the most demanding applications.

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The most rugged tablet series, Topaz Systems’ SignatureGem tablets utilize electromagnetic technology, with an active pen, for an easy scan, to produce reliable signature capture systems for long-term commercial-grade applications. EasyLobby has integrated the Topaz line of signature capture devices for those of our customers that require their visitors to read and acknowledge their agreement to certain documents, such as a non-disclosure agreement, rules and regulations document, etc. With EasyLobby SVM, the visitor’s signature is recorded as part of the visitor record, along with the name of the document that was read and agreed to.

The larger 4×5 Topaz allows you to display up to three screens of text and capture the visitor’s signature.

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