CardScan 800 License/Business Card Scanner

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This easyscan device is a business card scanner (no licenses). It uses OCR to scan all of the data on a typical business card and automatically populates the relevant fields in the SVM badge printing software visitor form.

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Need more help? Call 1.866.458.6999 or Live Chat

Introducing the new CardScan 800, the most advanced business card reader available. Demanding users depend on its fast scan speed, top accuracy and easy-to-use software to turn business cards into data you can use to bring in new business. Boost business productivity.

CardScan 800 saves you hours by capturing business cards directly into your computer. Without typing, you build a database of your vital contacts, either in CardScan's address book, in Outlook, or in any other popular contact manager Save time in ways you never imagined: 

Over 50 powerful software features help you search, sort, and use contact information more efficiently. Save color images of your cards, both sides, plus all the information they hold, in searchable data form.

Search by typing in just a few letters of anything you remember. Sort contacts into multiple groups for rapid access. Save to the Web for access anywhere and secure backup. There's even the AccuCard Service to keep your contact records up to date. One click maps an address: 

CardScan unlocks the potential in the business cards you've collected, to help you become more productive in hundreds of ways. Here's one example: move the cursor to the address, and click. It's that easy to get a map to your appointment. It brings the power and synergy of digital information to your fingertips. Highly compatible to the way you work today: 

Stop retyping contacts from one program into another! CardScan Executive is compatible with every popular contact manager -- including Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, Lotus Notes, and many more. Sync it with your PDA or smart phone and take your contacts on the road. Save it to the Web with CardScan.Net. Fast, accurate, and reliable 

CardScan Executive scans up to 40 cards per minute, without you typing a thing. Plus, it's so accurate: ten years in development, CardScan's proprietary interpretive technology accurately reads and understands card information, distinguishing street address from email address, phone from fax, and title from name. Easy to install, use, and upgrade.

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