ICI DCM License Reader (2D, magstripe)

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The ICI DCM license reader reads the encoded information from the magstripe (via swipe) or 2D barcode (via laser) for an easy scan to automatically populate the appropriate fields within the EasyLobby SVM badge printing software.

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Need more help? Call 1.866.458.6999 or Live Chat

EasyLobby was the first visitor management company to fully integrate the easy scan use of a driver's license reader for automatically capturing visitor information from a license. Today, about 90% of all states encode the person's name, address, license number and expiration date on either the magstripe or 2D barcode on the back of the license. Within a year or two, all states have said they will move to the 2D barcode system. 
The DCM license reader connects to the PC via USB for an easy scan and also uses its own patented software to validate the authenticity of an ID by reading, analyzing and verifying the information encoded in the bar codes and magnetic stripes on all encoded US and Canadian state and provincial driver licenses.The DCM will also determine if the ID has been tampered with or if it has expired. 

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