IDentiPROX PVC Proximity Card with 1-2" HICO Magnetic Stripe (Pack of 100)

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Proximity cards are a popular credential for use in an access control system. By interacting with a card reader, proximity cards are most commonly used to open doors.

IDentiPROX™ proximity cards are our own brand of proximity cards, an affordable alternative to name-brand proximity cards. These cards are made of PVC and are available in several different bit formats, each of which is compatible with certain 125 kHz big-brand formats.

This means that in some cases, our IDentiPROX cards are able to be used as a direct replacement for the more expensive cards sold by major brands.

It's simple: make the switch and save money! You'll get the same convenient access you've come to expect from a proximity card at a lower cost — and you'll get them fast! Because we make these cards ourselves, orders of fewer than 1,000 cards have a two-day turnaround time!

These IDentiPROX cards are standard CR80/credit card size, measuring 2.13" x 3.38".

    Please note that this card is not recommended for slotting and for laminating printers.

    Each IDentiPROX card features a sequentially printed serial number on the back. Cards can be customized in a standard PVC printer, can be combined with a custom-printed stickyback card.

    Available in 26-bit, 32-bit, and 37-bit

    Pack of 100

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