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Avon cardPresso ID card software is the ultimate tool for your professional ID card production in a user friendly way, designed to have the best performance with large databases with and without photos. Upgrade for native support to import from XLS, XLSX, CSV and TXT files.

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Which version is right for me?

cardPresso comes in a slew of flavours, which can be confusing at first glance. Let's break down exactly what each version has to offer so that we can choose the package that will fit best with our printing application.


XXS Edition

This is the entry level version of the cardPresso software suite. This version allows you to create card templates, use barcodes, encode magnetic stripe cards, and create an internal unlimited database to store all of your records. This software does lack the ability to import, or connect to an external database source.


XS Edition

XS is the first version that allows importing of textual data and pictures through Excel files. This is a great application for those who already have an Excel file (.txt, .xls, or .csv) looking to quickly populate a database to print cards out. cardPresso even allows you to import images, however they have to be stored separately from the Excel database file.


XM Edition

This version works very well for those who have and are familiar with Microsoft Access or those that are currently using a Microsoft Access database (.mdb) to store their data. cardPresso is able to grab the image file that is stored in the MSAccess file to print onto the cards. This importing feature will save you loads of time, especially if you already using MSAccess. XM Edition also adds 2D Barcodes (QR codes) to the feature list, as well as automatic face detection.


XL Edition

XL Edition is crucial for those looking for ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) to connect to an external server to retrieve their data. This version allows smart card encoding, RFID encoding, and Mifare Ultralight encoding.


XXL Edition

XXL is the enterprise version of cardPresso. This version allows you to connect up to 16 computers via LAN which can all use this same software suite. XXL adds DESFire encoding, as well as the ability to print wirelessly via web server.

Product Reviews

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    Surprisingly easy to use, and exactly what we needed to print our ID cards!

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    Cost efficient and the most affordable of all the websites I researched! Software was easy to operate!

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    Software was easy to operate and easy to install. My Employees learned how to print custom cards within minutes!.

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    Very intuitive, great price, and perfect for my business.

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    Excellent software that is very easy to use and very versatile. I upgraded to the XS edition for the QR codes and everything works great!

  • by an Avon Security Products customer

    Great software, easy to use, and works with my mac!

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