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cardPresso ID card software is the ultimate tool for your professional ID card production in a user-friendly way, designed to have the best performance with large databases with and without photos. cardPresso facilitates all type of tasks related to card production such as the design, print and encode of ID cards. The suitable product for all type of organizations. Start now the creation of your own ID cards for universities, governmental, large companies, registration, identification, and access control.

Technical Support Topics

How to perform a clean cardPresso reinstallation.

cardPresso runs in demonstration mode / Doesn't recognize the license

Printer doesn't appear in cardPresso

Some items are not being printed

For Windows: Minimum Required: Windows 7
For MAC: Minimum Required: Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13

cardPresso is available in 5 scalable editions that go from the simple card design and print to the advanced contactless encoding.

Click here to know more about the differences between editions.

cardPresso includes an integrated image manipulation tool that performs image manipulations such as crop, flip, rotation, color balance, contrast and brightness as well as monochrome conversions to an image. cardPresso can also automatically resize images to fit into a defined rectangular area and also includes a FaceCrop tool for easy face detection and crop.

Yes you can but note that only the PC where the USB key is plugged will run in full licensing mode.

You will need one license for each PC, however you can install cardPresso in more than one PC and then move the USB Pen from one to another in order to run the application.