4 Industries that Would Benefit From Breakaway Lanyards

Lanyards are an overlooked but important part of many businesses. When your company uses ID cards, passes, door cards and similar cards, then having an easy way to keep track of these items is essential. Many business require you to display your ID badge at all times, which makes a lanyard another part of your work uniform. Breakaway lanyards however are far more suited to certain industries than non-breakaway lanyards.

Why Use Breakaway Lanyards?

Breakaway lanyards differ from traditional lanyards in one key design difference. These lanyards when pulled on or caught have a breakaway clasp that separates, allowing it to be harmlessly removed from the wearer. This is an important safety feature, as in many industries a necessary lanyard can get caught on machinery, the wearer can be badly hurt.

Industries That Benefit From Breakaway Lanyards

There are many jobs there a lanyard may get caught on machinery or could be pulled on by another person, and in jobs such as these breakaway lanyards help assure safety and avoid injuries. If you work in any of the following professions breakaway lanyards should be seriously considered.

  • Industries that utilize heavy machinery. This can include engineers, repairmen, the printing industry, and auto mechanics. Essentially any job where one has to use equipment with a lot of exposed moving parts, where you have to bend or lean over open equipment to use, or where repairs to such equipment take place. These jobs can become very dangerous if a lanyard is caught in the machinery and you cannot break free.
  • Similar to the above industries, construction is another job where one is often exposed to situations where physical safety is a chief concern. In environments such as a construction site anything that can get caught on exposed materials and trap the wearer is a safety hazard. Breakaway lanyards will ensure that workers don’t get caught on anything, and don’t do damage to themselves or the worksite in the process.
  • Any type of job where a physical, combative style role may need to be taken, such as: a club or bar bouncer, security guard, or police officer. Many professions expose you to people who will grab or pull at your clothing or may try to start an altercation. In professions such as these breakaway lanyards keep employees safe from harm.
  • Education may not appear as hazardous as the above jobs however, it is one that has a potential for accidents due to working with children. If you work with children for example many may pull down on a lanyard as a joke or simply to get attention. Despite no malice being involved people have been hurt by having their necks suddenly jerked downward by someone pulling on a lanyard.

Lanyards are a very important part of workplace safety. If you’re looking for breakaway lanyards for your company there are several business devoted to selling ID equipment and accessories. Avon Security Products is one of the largest providers of identification based solutions in Canada. With over ten years of business experience and international clients in both the public and private sectors their success speaks for itself. When you need lanyards, ID cards, software, or any other identification solution Avon can help. Contact us today for more information!

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