Avoid Card Loss With ID Badge Holders

Lost ID cards are a serious problem for many organizations. As well as the hassle of replacing the card, lost ID cards also raise potential security concerns. Therefore, it’s essential to reduce the risk of card loss as much as possible. ID badge holders are an essential part of this strategy.

Benefits of ID Badge Holders

ID badge holders allow people to keep their cards on their person at all times. With their cards securely held in ID badge holders, people have their hands free to carry out tasks. There are many styles of ID badge holders available, including badge reels and lanyards, so every type of organization can find a solution to card loss that suits the particular needs of their industry.

Why Choose ID Badge Reels?

Badge reels are a professional choice for office workers. They allow employees to quickly pull out their badges when they need to present them for identification purposes. The badge reel then automatically retracts to put the badge back into place. Badge reels with custom logos represent the company and present a professional image. Choose a high quality bade reel that securely attaches to the employee’s clothing to reduce the risk of card loss.

Why Choose ID Card Lanyards?

Lanyards are a great choice for gym employees or anyone who works in an active job. A lanyard holds an ID card in a holder that can be worn around the neck on a strap. Lanyards can quickly be put on and taken off. Some lanyards also have a safety feature that allows the strap to break away quickly if it becomes caught in equipment or machinery. Choose a lanyard with a customized strap as a visible representation of your organization.

Customizing ID Badge Holders

ID badge holders can be more than just a practical solution to card loss. They can also help to present a professional image of your organization. Choose a customized design for your ID card holders to help make your employees or members easy to identify while they are wearing their ID badges. Use your organization’s colors or feature the logo prominently on the design of the badge holder.

Protect your organization against card loss by issuing every employee or member with a badge holder. Let everyone in the organization know how important it is to use their ID badge holder at all times to reduce the risk of losing a card. Design attractive badge holders that everyone is proud to wear and you could dramatically cut the rate of card loss in your organization.

For more information, or to order ID badge holders for your company, contact us today!

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