The Importance of High Quality Printer Cleaning Supplies

To maximize your return on investment and ensure your ID card printer continues to produce quality photos and information, it is necessary to perform proper maintenance. While there are many types of maintenance products available, it is important to choose high quality printer cleaning supplies to avoid damaging the sensitive printer components and to achieve maximum benefit.

Save on Supplies Costs with Proper Cleaning

When your ID card printer becomes dirty, the print quality will suffer. Pictures may lose detail, lines or streaks may appear across printed items and in some cases there will be voids in the printing. These types of issues consume your printer supplies and generate cards that are not usable. The expense of these wasted items can be saved by investing in quality printer cleaning supplies and following a regular schedule for maintenance of your printer.

Card Cleaning Rollers

Designed to clean the cards before they pass through the inking system and printer head, high quality card cleaning rollers are essential to maintaining the performance of your ID card printer. If you choose the cheapest brands, the rollers are more likely to break down and allow pieces to pass through the internal mechanisms, possibly causing damage to the printer head, your ribbon and other vital internal components. High quality rollers such as those supplied by Avon Security Products are designed for maximum cleaning and will not disintegrate into your printer under proper usage.

Card-Style Cleaning Kits

Most printers are designed with a self-cleaning feature that can be maximized with card-style cleaning kits. These kits include cards that may be adhesive, or use an alcohol solution to remove any dust and debris from the interior rollers in your ID card printer. To use them, you simply start the printer’s cleaning cycle and feed the card through. Just as lower-priced rollers may disintegrate and cause damage to your printer, so can cheaply-made card-style cleaning kits. High quality printer cleaning supplies ensure that when used properly, they will remove the maximum amount of dust and debris possible while remaining intact throughout the cycle.

Follow a Printer Cleaning Schedule

To maintain the best quality printing possible, you should set and stick to a schedule for cleaning your printer. While you should check your user manual for specific instructions, a good general rule of thumb is to perform the cleaning whenever you have to change the ribbon. This is an excellent system for printers that are under heavy use. For printers that are not used heavily, you may find a two-month cleaning schedule works best since dust and debris can still build up. Be sure to use a dust cover for added protection when your printer is not in use.

Making the relatively small investment in high quality printer cleaning supplies from Avon Security Products will help you get the most out of your ID card printer while cutting down on repair and wastage costs. View our full product lineup or contact us to help you find the best solution for your printer.

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