The Benefits of Proximity Cards and Keytags

Maintaining the security and safety of any workplace can be difficult, particularly when constant arrivals, deliveries, contractors and visitors to site create a busy environment that’s hard to monitor by CCTV. It’s very easy for anybody to merge into the workforce and walk around the premises. Secure identity and access solutions give employers control over access and protection of assets, while keeping the entire workforce and any visitors safe.

Using proximity cards and keytags allows you to control access to entrances to your building, as well as ensuring controlled access of offices, rooms, compounds and secure areas of the site. Employers remain secure in the knowledge that only card or keytag holders have abilities to gain access to permitted areas and locations.

The major benefits of setting up a system using proximity cards or keytags are:


The use of HID proximity card readers in any work environment allows greater security with controlled access to areas of the site. These readers use RFID technology to scan proximity cards and keytags and allow appropriate employees to access permitted areas of the workplace. The cards and keytags are simple to use, providing employees with flexibility and speed of access and reducing overall time spent accessing secure areas. Opt for use of keytags when photographic ID is not required to access internal areas of the workplace.

Regular Use

These security devices are extremely easy to use and a quick swipe of cards or keytags allows employees to gain access to all permitted, protected zones of your site, ensuring worker productivity and site access is maintained at optimum levels. Keytags can be fitted to any key ring or clip and are durable, so easily withstand regular daily use.

Secure Option

Proximity cards and keytags are difficult to duplicate. The technology used by ID card printers cannot be counterfeited. Further, anybody with criminal intentions who should come into possession of cards or keytags will find it difficult to get into your premises as it will be impossible to gauge the doors or areas of the building which can be operated using specific devices. The additional security measures employed within your premises, such as security cameras, would soon alert your team to the presence of strangers with criminal intentions.

Integration with Additional Technologies

These secure options can be integrated with additional technologies, such as photographic identification, hologram printing, custom logos, UV inks, micro printing or smart cards. This allows even greater on site security for all workers needing access to various areas of the premises and makes it extremely easy for site security personnel to identify genuine cards, maintaining secure access to your business premises at all times.

Avon Security Products provide high quality ID card printers featuring all the security printing options needed to generate the proximity cards and keytags required on your site. You can quickly compare and contrast different ID card printers to select the product most suited to the needs of your business.

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