Back to Work: Guide to Updating Your Office Security

It’s been a long work-from-home journey for the workplaces that had to make the shift due to the global pandemic. Although people have mixed feelings about going back to the office, many workplaces prepare for the big return.

A survey shows that only 20 percent of employees want to return to the office after COVID-19. However, some people have to return despite their preferences. Updating office security might be a factor that motivates employees to return. In addition, circumstances have changed over the year. You must update your office security to avoid any risks your office may encounter after the extended closure.

Enhance Security System

Even if you had a reliable security system before the pandemic started, it might be time to refresh it. Use a reliable card printer service to upgrade your security system since your office was closed for a while. Data breaches or potential hackers target particular companies sometimes. If you are unaware of what might have happened while you were away, it is your safest best to enhance your security system to be extra cautious.

Incorporate Touchless Technology

Since COVID-19 germs can spread through touch, incorporating touchless technology for security while keeping your office and employees safe. You can use proximity cards to reduce contact between security personnel and visitors. Proximity cards will enable employees to enter the work premises through a card reader, minimizing contact at the door with security management.

Hire Proactive Security Management

Although upgraded security systems will be helpful, you still need proactive security management in the process. Hiring well-trained and professional security guards will allow you to rest assured that your workplace is safe. Proper training and awareness will enable them to understand how to follow its protocols and identify threats beforehand.

Motivate Employees to Follow Protocols

Despite the number of protocols you put in place, they will have no impact if your employees don’t follow them. For example, if your employees continuously forget to wear their photo ID cards, they might request the security personnel to let them in, which could eventually become a security threat.

You can motivate your employees to carry their photo IDs at all times by providing badge holders as an incentive. Owning different types of badge holders will help them remember that they need to carry the item at all times.

Provide Refresher Training

Since working from home was different than working at the office, some staff members might have forgotten about security protocols. It’s human nature to forget a few things if they haven’t done it in a long time. Provide a refresher training course after everyone is back at the office to refresh their memory. You could also introduce new training courses if needed.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to convince older employees that have been with the company for a long time to participate in new training. You can introduce incentives for completing training or make it mandatory for all team members.

Going back to the office is going to be an exciting yet stressful process for many people. You can simplify the process by putting security measures in place to protect all stakeholders of your company.

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