Benefits of Visitor Pass Solutions

When looking for visitor pass solutions there are a multitude of different options available for you to make use of for your business. At Avon Security Products, we are experts in ID systems for a wide variety of industries and carry several visitor pass solutions. 

Choose from a variety of our visitor pass solutions:


EasyLobby offers hardware that lets you enhance your visitor records and lets you collect detailed information from your guests. Hardware you may consider useful as visitor pass solutions include signature tablets to record signatures as visitors sign in and scanners that take photo records of various forms of personal identification including driver’s licenses, business cards, passports, and other forms of official identification. Depending on the security level of your business you may find keeping such records useful before allowing access to your visitors. 

Jolly Software

Jolly Software offers several different software platforms to track and record access information and create temporary visitor IDs. There are many product options, including two that stand out as particularly useful as visitor pass solutions. Lobby Track offers features that you’ll find useful no matter what your company does its size. It allows you to enter visitor information and print temporary IDs, keep visitor records, print out reports concerning visitor information, and register visitors in advance via online features. If your visitor tracking is related to events then Event Track Premier may be more suitable. It allows you to record visitors, print IDs, check people in, track visitor stats, and handle registration both in person and online. 

Label & Wristband Printers

When using ID tracking and creation software you’re going to need the printing materials and hardware to create IDs as needed. Avon Security Products offers a wide range of the equipment you need to take full advantage of the above software. We carry wristband and label printers and the needed paper refills for both. 

Non-Digital Solutions


TEMPbadge offers sturdy and basic visitor passes designed to be clipped to a shirt of collar and available with a wide variety of options. One of our most popular products is a clip on badge with ‘Visitor’ printed on it that you can also write on. More advanced options add your company information, time stamps, and dates. TEMPbadge also offers expiring badges that can last either 24 hours, an entire week, or an entire month. This allows you to make long term visitor badges viable and safe.

Visitor Pass Solutions

Visitor Pass offers stick on name badges that also keep careful records. These badges are stored in a visitor pass book that not only allows visitors to fill out their badge information as needed but also records it. After filling in their information your visitor then peels off their badge and an imprint of what they wrote down is recorded in the pass book. These badges are available in non-expiring and expiring badges that show void after 24 hours adding an extra layer of protection.

There are several different visitor pass solutions ranging from the technologically advanced to simple hand written IDs and records. No matter what your business needs, Avon Security has the solution. Contact us for more information, or browse visitor pass solutions today.

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