Features and Properties to Look for When Choosing a Magicard Printer

A Magicard printer is a printer used specifically to print IDs, not paperwork, legal documentation or otherwise. There are three types of Magicard printers based on their capabilities: essential card printers, HD card printers, and specialty card printers; essential cards are subcategorized as professional, standard or hand fed. Professional Magicard printers print in high volumes in high speeds and have a customizable visual security watermark. Standard printers are batch fed, are for mid-volume card printing, and come with Ethernet connectivity.

Specialty models come with different properties. Some are fully secure and lockable, and come with a lockable input-output hopper. Moreover, there are 140mm / 110mm cards that are suitable for large format cards and ideal for labeling. There are a few factors you should consider when buying a Magicard printer.

How the ID Cards Will Be Used

Before you begin searching for the perfect ID Magicard printer, know how the ID cards will be used. The purpose of the card will determine the information and features you require in the printer you need. For instance, ID cards used only for visual identification and building access require less information and design time than cards displayed to customers. Moreover, ID card printers are often used for other purposes other than creating ID cards. You may use your Magicard printer for an event, creating labels or for other uses.

Number of Sides You Want To Print On

Printers which are dual-sided are made to print the card on the front side flipping the card over after which it prints the back of the card. However, single-sided printers do not have this function. If you’re not sure whether you need dual-sided cards, then choose a printer that can be later converted from a one-sided to a two-sided Magicard printer.

Number of Cards You Print at a Time

Consider the quantity and frequency of cards you produce. Select a printer that can withstand your printing frequency. Different ID card printers are made to handle different printing frequencies, and components vary with the expected output.

Possibility of Encoding Data in the Card

Different ID Magicard printers have different data capabilities. Determine what type of data encoding to use on your ID cards. For instance, barcodes and magnetic stripes can both be added to ID cards to coordinate with any system that involves swiping a card.

Need for Added Security Features on Your Cards

Choose a Magicard printer that adds security features to your cards if need be. Enhanced security features help make your ID cards fraud-proof. More security features can be added to an ID card software program, such as logos, signatures, and employee pictures to make ID the cards unique.

The Possibility of Having a Detailed Logo or Card Design

Most ID card printers have great color accuracy. However, lower models may not have crisp colors, and this could lead to colors bleeding. In case, you have a detailed card design or logo, or probably your organization is known for its attention to design, you should not settle for less than the best in print quality and color.

Possibility of Regularly Transporting Your Printer

ID card printers vary in their ease of transportation. If you want to use your ID Magicard printer at multiple locations, a portable printer will be the most convenient.

For more information on how to choose a Magicard printer, contact us at Avon Security today!

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