Future Office ID Security Systems

The rapid evolution of technology this millennium has affected everything, including the ways in which you are able to secure your business. The future of ID security systems for example, includes some amazing technologies that seem to come out of a science fiction movie. Let’s take a look at how the ID security system of the future will look.

No Active Swiping Needed

Doors, computer terminals, and more can already be secured by an ID security system. The technology that protects these points of access though is evolving fast. Instead of having to stop and swipe an ID card, then wait for verification before accessing an area, future ID security systems will emit a signal that communicates a person’s approach well before they reach their destination. This will allow them to gain access without having to search for their ID card.

Automated Points of Access

For authorized personnel, future ID card systems will break down the perceived barriers that older security systems create. Instead of being operated manually, they will be a part of a larger automated security system. This will allow employees to walk through a secured door hands-free, or open up a secured computer terminal without any extra time consuming steps — or locking themselves out due to too many typographical errors when inputting a password.

More Versatile ID Security Solutions

IDs That Cannot Be Manipulated 

For decades, a staple of high-tech spy and thief movies has been the manipulation of IDs to gain access to restricted areas. The tactics used in these movies range from changing the photo on the ID to making a fake copy of the ID. Future ID security systems will prevent these types of things from happening to your company thanks to technologies like the following:

Holographic IDs

A holographic ID system makes it impossible to alter an ID in any way once it is created. This is because if anyone tries to manipulate the holographic film, the entire ID will be damaged, which means nobody can change the face or words on an ID to suit any nefarious purpose.

Advanced ID Information Storage

Newer ID card technologies, such as smart chips and RFID chips, encrypt the data that they store, so that even if someone tries to clone the ID, they won’t be able to gain access to anything without providing authentication that will unscramble the encrypted data.

More Adaptable ID Options

Future ID security systems will not be limited to handheld cards. Instead, there will be a range of technologies to enhance the efficiency of an ID security system’s use, including the following:

RFID Wristbands

With an RFID wristband, authorized personnel can be readily identified and swipe at access points with nothing more than a flick of the wrist.

RFID Vehicle Passes

RFID vehicle passes are attached onto a vehicle and allow authorized personnel to access entry points without backing up traffic while trying to awkwardly swipe an ID card.

RFID Stickers and Tags

These appear as tiny stickers or emblems that can be placed on almost anything. Because of this, RFID stickers allow a great deal of ID versatility.

You Don’t Have to Wait Until To Take Advantage of the Future of ID Security

The futuristic ID security system capabilities discussed above are not theoretical, they all exist right now. In order to optimize your company’s ability to efficiently secure itself, you should be taking advantage of some of these technologies right now. To learn more about these technologies and more, contact us today at Avon Security.

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