Get Ready for Seasonal Staff with a Temporary ID Card System

With the holiday season approaching, many companies are preparing to bring in seasonal workers to cover the busy period. If your organization is looking to bring in temporary staff, you need to make sure that all preparations have been made for their arrival. This includes setting up a temporary ID card system, so you can make sure that every temporary employee is easy to identify. Follow these tips to get your temporary ID card system in place in time for the holiday season.

Design Your Temporary ID Cards

There is no reason why a temporary ID card can’t look as good as the ID cards that your regular employees use. Design temporary ID cards that include your company logo, as well as spaces to write in the temporary worker’s name and position. It is also a good idea to include a space to write in the dates of the temporary worker’s employment, so that it is immediately obvious if an employee tries to use their ID card after their employment period has ended.

Some temporary ID cards include technology that automatically changes the appearance or function of the card after a certain period of time. For example, some cards feature expiry tabs, which change colour overnight to show that the card has expired. This is very useful for workers who are brought in to cover a single day during the busy holiday season.

Ensure Security

Expiring temporary ID cards protect the security of your organization by preventing previous employees from entering your business premises or posing as members of staff. If you bring in a lot of seasonal workers during the busy holiday period, it can be difficult for managers and shop floor employees to keep track of them; this means that it is essential to be able to use a temporary ID card system to show immediately which people are supposed to be in the building.

Get Ready for Seasonal Staff

Prepare your temporary ID card system well in advance of the period when you will need to bring in seasonal workers. Being prepared means that you can issue each temporary employee with a personal ID card as soon as they arrive on site, reducing any potential security risks. Your seasonal staff can then immediately start working at their full potential, rather than having to wait for ID cards to arrive before they can gain access to certain parts of the workplace.

Preparing your temporary ID card system in advance prevents downtime and confusion. Start exploring the various short term ID card options now, so that you are ready to receive your seasonal staff when they show up for work. For more information or to learn about our temporary ID card systems, contact us today! 

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