What RFID Technology Means for Security Measures

RFID technology has existed for decades. It has proven to be a valuable tool for everything from opening doors to inventory management. Like every asset, you need to keep in mind how RFID technology affects your business’ ability to secure itself. That being said, here is what RFID tag technology means for your company’s security measures:

What is RFID technology?

RFID, which stands for radio frequency identification, uses short wave radio sources to send and receive data. Most RFID resources are designed to either send or receive data. An RFID ID card, for example, will send a signal, whereas an RFID-capable entryway will receive signals.

How does RFID technology affect my company’s security?

RFID technology enhances your ability to protect your assets in many ways, including the following:

Upgraded ID cards

An RFID tag can be embedded right into an ID card. This increases the security of an ID card, because a person cannot simply copy the graphics and add a picture to counterfeit one of your ID cards.

Employee monitoring

You should be protecting your company from security threats from both inside and outside of the organization. By requiring the use of RFID tags to access certain resources, you can verify individual activities, which can be invaluable for resolving an internal investigation.

Less security-related expenses

Instead of having a security team at each door, an RFID card allows you to oversee access at every entry point in your facilities. This saves a great deal of money, as having security personnel posted at each door is costly.

More efficient security

Extensive security checks take a great deal of time to complete; this ultimately hurts your company’s ability to do its job. With the use of RFID tags, you can streamline your company’s security, because instead of having to do long security checks, you can grant authorized personnel access with a passive swipe.

New security considerations

Every new technology has its own set of security considerations. Here are the security considerations that you need to keep in mind for RFID technology, and how you can protect your company from them:

Data theft

RFID tags constantly emit a signal; data thieves can use devices that illegally capture this signal and clone the data. Some thieves will also use devices that intercept a communication between two RFID capable devices.

What can I do to secure my RFID-capable assets?

Encryption: by encrypting the data on an RFID tag, you scramble it so that it is only readable by devices that have been given access.

Password protection:

A simple pin or password will prevent people from being able to arbitrarily use a fake RFID tag, even if they do manage to hack their way past the encryption.

RFID-blocking technology

Investing in tools that block an RFID tag’s signal from getting out while it is not in use will prevent a data thief from obtaining any information from a close pass with a data capturing device.

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