Should You Have Workplace ID Cards if There’s Already Security Personnel?

When securing your property there are several different approaches to keeping it safe. A well-managed building and security personnel can help a lot, however by using ID cards you not only increase safety but also gain flexibility. Now you may be questioning why ID cards are useful when you already have security personnel, so here are three reasons why.

It Supports Your Security Personnel

Without an ID system your security personnel have to keep track of everyone that enters your property; this takes a great deal of time and expense. For example without an ID system in place your security has to talk with everyone who enters the building, check their identification, and sign them into some type of record system every time they show up. With ID cards it’s easy to identify who should be there and grant access to those who should have it.

ID Systems Are Versatile

>With a well implemented ID system you give your visitors and employees greater freedom to move about your property and do what they are paid to do. ID cards can range from the simple to the very complex allowing you to easily implement a system that fits your needs. Permanent ID cards can have a picture of the holder and special security measures, such as holograms, to identify the card as authentic. While simpler ID systems use paper IDs that allow access for short term visitors and then expire after a set period of time. Plus you can combine your ID card system with computer software to keep detailed records of who visited and when. No matter what system you use it allows you to keep track of visitors without overworking your existing security measures.

It Lets You Control Access

ID cards can do a lot more than just identify who should be in a building, as they can control who gets in at all. ID badges can easily be combined with security features to allow greater usability and add features. Proximity cards can be handed out with ID cards allowing you to not only identify who should be in your building but also controlling what parts of the building they can access. Proximity cards function much like key fobs allowing employees to open locked doors via a scanner system. This also cuts down on security work as they no longer have to guard such locked doors or control who can access them. This saves both time and money, and makes day to day operations easier to manage.

While security personnel are an essential part of having a safe property ID badges offer further safety and increased flexibility as well for your existing security systems. When selecting an ID card system to make use of you have several different choices available to fit a variety of businesses and properties. This variety of choices allows you to pick an ID card system that fits your needs and uses. When looking to buy ID card equipment you want to buy from an industry professional. Avon Security has been providing ID solutions to businesses and government properties for 10 years. Contact us today or feel free to browse our top of the line products.

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