Preventing Staff From Losing Their Employee ID Badges

Whether you want to upgrade your company’s security capabilities, streamline the management of employee accounts, or just make your employees more readily identifiable to customers, employee ID badges are outstanding tools for upgrading your business operations. In addition to being useful, ID badges are also very small; at only a couple of grams in weight and a few square centimeters in size, they are easy for anyone to carry around.

However, their small size also makes them easy to lose. An employee’s ID badge can fall right out of their pocket without any notice. This creates security issues and the hassle of having to create a new employee ID badge. Fortunately, no matter how careless an employee may be, you can prevent them from losing their employee ID badge by taking the following three steps:

Make Your Employee ID Badges Difficult to Drop

An employee ID badge cannot be lost via a careless drop if it is attached to their body. To this end, you should invest in one or both of the following accessories:

ID Badge Reels

An ID Badge reel is a thin, retractable string attached to a small clip. This allows your employee ID badges to be clipped to any part of your employees’ clothing that has an edge. These clips are sufficiently strong so as to prevent almost any action other than an intentional removal from causing an ID badge to be misplaced. The retractable string makes it easy for employees to quickly swipe their badges without any wasted time.

Custom Lanyards

A custom ID badge lanyard is a string that hangs around an employee’s neck and holds the ID badge in a clasp or transparent pocket. As they hang around the neck, these ID badge accessories make it almost impossible for an ID badge to be dropped without a noticeable breaking of the lanyard string. The central placement that custom ID badge lanyards have makes them great solutions for not only preventing the loss of employee ID badges, but also for making your employees more readily identifiable for customers or security personnel.

Add Readily Identifiable Imagery to Your Employee ID Badges

Your employees own a lot of cards. Some of these cards they may wish to leave at home or discard. To make sure that your ID badges don’t accidentally get mixed in with such cards, add the following imagery to the badges:

Employee Photos

Outside of personal ID cards, few of your employees’ cards will have their faces on them. By adding an employee photo to an ID badge, you give it an easily recognizable distinction from everything else.

Company Logo

To ensure that an employee’s ID badge is not mixed up with any other personal photo-bearing cards that they may have, include a company logo on every employee ID badge.

Put Company Contact Information on Your Employee ID Badges

Despite your best efforts, an ID badge still be misplaced. You can prepare for this as well. Simply include your company’s physical address, mailing address general email and phone number on each employee ID badge. Next to this information, include instructions telling people what to do if they find a badge. This way, if a casual passerby comes across a lost employee ID badge, they will immediately know what to do with it.

Protect Your Employee ID Badges From Unnecessary Loss

The loss of your employee ID badges creates security, monetary and operational issues that you shouldn’t have to deal with. Make sure this doesn’t happen by contacting us at Avon Security and learning about our ID badge products.

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