Best Options Available for Ski Resort Passes

              Nothing compares to the invigorating feeling that stirs within as you stand at the precipice of a mountain top with fresh snow beneath your skis. For the millions of winter sport enthusiasts, a day in the mountains is another opportunity for special memories to be made. Skiing should be an all-around amazing time, without the dollar costs weighing on your mind.

              So, how do skiers/snowboarders avoid spending large sums of money doing the winter sports they love? They purchase ski resort passes that allow them to continue skiing, when they can, without continuous payments.

With ski resort passes ranging in the hundreds of dollars per pass, and close to 10 million people skiing, depending on the season, the need for long lasting, high-quality identification badges is ever popular and necessary.

Simply the Best!

The effects of weather, repeated use, poor materials and lack of attachment options all negatively impact an identification system’s effectiveness. For gloved hands, cold/numb or fumbling fingers, low-quality ski resort passes can be awkward to handle and difficult to scan or use. How can you make identification card options convenient for the user? What makes for a great ski resort pass? Below are a few most-desirable characteristics only premier ID options include:

·       They’re made of durable material that lasts up to five years. PVC material protects the integrity of the identification card information and require less reprinting.


·       A top-tier ID card is available with laser engrave bar codes, and can be encoded with numbers that help protect identities and pertinent information specific to the user.


·       It’s made to resist chemical damage, light-induced fading and fairs well against heat warping. 


·       They’re not easy to imitate or fake. The well-made ID card requires an ID printer to create it. 


·       A skier’s face is easily identified on the card or pass. With good-quality ski resort passes, photos are much clearer and provide the owner of the ID another layer of protection against identity theft.


·       The ID card has the option of being dual-sided. When a ski resort decides to provide more security check points to ensure ski resort passes are not compromised – a dual-sided pass can offer extra information that’s not easily duplicated and doesn’t sacrifice the overall design appeal of the ID card. 

Quality is also established in the form of how accessible and convenient the ID card is. If a card is made well with bold clear print, a clear badge sleeve or a pocket attached to a lanyard, this enables card uses to show their pass with ease.

                Avoid Catching an Edge

Just like catching an edge while skiing can be dangerous, so can ID cards that are rough or have a sharp edge. This means the integrity of the material isn’t the greatest and could cause skin injury, tear easily or warp. To ensure an easy pass-check experience, provide ski resort passes that are smooth and highly durable.

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