Advantages of Using a Card Reader

Using a card reader rather than a human-verified photo ID can bring many advantages for you and your employees. Not only do you get the simple security benefits and quick verification of individuals who should be in the building, but you’ll be able to segment where visitors, staff and management are allowed access. Check out these top card reader benefits for more:

Quick Security

Being able to identify employees quickly is valuable to work time and productivity. Even though a security guard can usually identify who’s coming and going based on photo ID, this process takes longer than simply swiping through a card reader. Employing a full-time security guard can also be costly, where a card reader is a one-time payment that also doesn’t make the mistake of waving through a fake ID.

No Errors

Errors can cost your business money, and in some cases, accidently letting in the wrong person can result in violence or a criminal offence. When you run a company, sometimes employees are let go, or you’ll naturally have to deal with employee turnover. If a security guard recognizes an old staff member, they might let them into the building without knowing that person should no longer have access. With a card reader however, individuals attempting to regain access won’t be able to, unless you personally give clearance.

Security Segmentation

Depending on business needs, certain parts of your building might be off-limits to certain personnel for security reasons or otherwise. In this case, using a card reader can help you divide out your space and provide the right security to certain, confidential areas. Not only can card readers prevent employees from walking in where they shouldn’t be, but they can also add extra layers of security by having “check points”. For example, prior to accessing certain files or documents inside a restricted area, employers can make it mandatory for authorized employees to swipe their card once more. This way, you can track who’s accessing what and for what reason.

Entry Quantification

If you run a large business, utilizing a card reader also means you can easily pull data and keep track of who’s doing a full day at the office and who’s frequently taking breaks or skipping time. This kind of information can be addressed during performance evaluations and can also be used to weed out employees who are taking advantage of your smoke break policies or break times in general. Ready to learn more, or purchase your own card reader system? Visit Avon Security Products today!  


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