A Simple Guide to Lamination Pouches

              It’s important to protect certain documents from being destroyed, and paper documents can damage quite easily, especially from liquid spills or accidental tears. That’s why it’s necessary to consider options that help make your documents last. Lamination has always been a go-to option for ensuring paperwork remains in-tact, and lamination pouches are an even easier way to “laminate” documents quickly and conveniently.

What are Lamination Pouches?

Lamination pouches are a style of lamination that uses a pocket to laminate the document in question. It comes with a seam that folds over to create a protective pouch. Once your documents have been placed inside its pockets, you can simply run these pouches through a laminator and secure your paperwork underneath.

How to Choose a Lamination Pouch

When choosing a lamination pouch you’ll need to take a few things into consideration. First, ensure they’re compatible with your laminator. Second, check the sizing as well as the thickness of the pouch you’re using. They must be larger than the documents you’re laminating. Keep in mind that while thicker pouches are sturdier, they also have potential to distort a document. Thinner pouches might provide less protection, but the results are clear and the appearance of your papers won’t change as much. If you know you’ll use a certain laminated document a lot, it’s beneficial to go with a thicker option. Otherwise a thinner, good-quality lamination pouch will do just fine

Steps for Using Lamination Pouches

Here are some simple steps to follow:

·        Turn on your laminator and allow it to warm up. Some brands take longer, upwards of 20 minutes, to warm up than others

·        Select the pouch you’re going to use, making sure it’s larger than the document being laminated. Ideally, the pouch will extend at least an inch beyond the edge of your document

·        Open the pouch so you can slide the document inside of it. You want to position it into the center. If your machine came with a protective pouch carrier (helps protect the pouch from melting) place the pouch inside your carrier

·        Once your pouch is set up and your machine has warmed up, insert your document into the machine

·        As your document laminates and leaves the machine, the material will be hot. Let it cool for a few minutes, then inspect to ensure it’s successful. This means the plastic should be flat against the document, allowing you to view details clearly

Lamination pouches are a great way to protect important documents. It all starts with choosing the right one. If you’re looking for lamination options, contact us today!

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