5 Benefits of Getting a Printer Carrying Case

              Various printer accessories can be used to increase the versatility of your valuable equipment and keep it protected. A printer carrying case is one such piece. Here’s five top benefits to investing in your own case:

Protecting the Machine

A printer carrying case is usually quite rugged because it’s created to protect the valuable piece of equipment inside. Usually, a good case is waterproof and crushproof at the same time.  If you want to ensure the ultimate safety of your printer, look for a heavy duty carrying case. Padding inside, and a tough exterior will make the transportation of your printer an effortless task with minimal risk damage.

Hold Accessories

Some printer carrying cases are designed to hold both the machine and printing accessories. You can effortlessly bring cards, spare cables, additional cartridges and other essentials to the venue where printing is supposed to take place. To figure out whether the carrying case you’re interested in comes with these features, check the design. There should be separate pockets and compartments inside the case to serve the purpose of holding additional printer accessories.

Easy Transportation

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of a printer carrying case. Even if you have a smaller ID printer, it will still be relatively heavy. As a result, moving the equipment around can become a cumbersome task. A carrying case simplifies the process of moving the printer. Many of these cases come with rubberized wheels. This means you won’t have to lift your printer. A long handle incorporated into the design of the case will also enable you to “wheel” the printer around without being forced to do any kind of heavy lifting.

It’s Lightweight

While the printer carrying case itself is incredibly tough and long-lived, it doesn’t contribute a lot to the overall weight of the product. Most carrying cases are made of resin or an enforced type of polyurethane. Both these materials are impact resistant and quite lightweight at the same time. A carrying case made with this type of foam can range from five to 30-pounds, depending on the thickness of the padding inside. The heavier style choices are usually equipped with wheels for easiest transportation.

Long Lasting

Apart from prolonging the lifespan of your valuable ID card printer, a carrying case itself is very long-lived. This is especially true for high-quality carrying cases made with superior materials and assembled by reputable companies. The perfect protective cover for your expensive equipment, a printer carrying case is definitely something you need when moving printers to and from office locations, home or otherwise. Not only are there many options to choose from out there, but each case comes with unique carrying options and advantages. Ready to check out a printer carrying case for you? Contact Avon Security Products today.


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