5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Camera Tripod

               A tripod is used as a platform for your camera so you can ensure stability while shooting photos. Camera tripods are a necessary equipment piece not only for professional photographers, but for photo enthusiasts of all levels. Check out these five top reasons why you should invest in one:

Slower Shutter Speed

The main reason for using a tripod is to utilize lower shutter speeds without ruining your photos. When you adjust to a slower shooting speed, your lens stays open for longer and you’re exposing your camera to added elements that can negatively impact your final shot. These types of photos can’t be taken with any shakiness, no matter how minimal. Slower shutter speeds allow you to capture still objects a lot more clearly and gives you the ability to create light trails as you’re photographing. Without using a camera tripod, you’ll need to have super-steady hands and rely on the vibration control on your camera. Both of which are not as effective as a sturdy tripod.

The Timer

The timer function on your camera is another great feature to use hand-in-hand with a tripod. It’s very easy to mount your camera then set the self timer so you can snap some shots with yourself in them. Alternatively, you could use a table or shelving unit, however when you use a camera tripod, it allows you to set up perfectly, increasing the height and changing the angle until you get your preferences right.

Telephoto Lenses

When you’re using lenses from 200 mm onwards, you’ll notice that any movement changes will cause your camera to shake and essentially shift the position of your frame. A camera tripod fixes this issue by allowing you to take your time focusing in on your subject before taking higher-quality, vividly clear shots.

Work Flow Slows Down

Undeniably, lots of new photographers get over-excited when first starting out and tend to take photos of everything. Sometimes this leads to projects of value and sometimes it doesn’t. When camera tripods are used to position shots correctly, you’ll end up spending time getting more useable shots instead. Tripods allow you to think more about the subject matter you’d like to capture, and the locations you’ll need to be in.

Framing and Composition

Framing and composition can be pertinent to getting that perfect shot. When a tripod is used, and your work flow slows down, you’ll automatically free up time to compose your shots exactly as you’d like. A lot of great photography work comes from knowing when to deploy a camera tripod to capture certain lighting or focus on scenes like moving waterfalls.

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