Tips For Starting a ID Card Program

            Launching a new ID card program can seem like an overwhelming task. The tips below will help make the process as smooth and easy as possible. 

Consider How the Cards Will Be Used

            The first step in implementing an ID card program is deciding how the cards will be used. Consider the ultimate goal of the program. Will the cards simply serve as identification, or will they be used for other purposes as well? Will everyone use the same type of card? How many cards will you need each year? Taking these factors into account will help you select an ID card printer and software designed to meet your specific needs. 

Decide How the Cards Will Be Displayed

Will your cards need to be visible at all times? If so, you employees will need an easy way to access the card for scanning or swiping. Consider a wearable solution such as lanyards, clips, pins, magnets, and badge reels. 

Decide What to Print on Cards

Once you’ve decided how your ID cards will be used and displayed, you’ll need to consider what kind of information to include on the card (i.e. company name and logo, cardholder name, employee ID number). If you plan to use barcodes, magnetic stripes, or smart chips, you’ll need to plan your ID card design around these features. 

          Secure Your ID Card Printing Equipment

Ensure that your ID card printing equipment and related supplies are protected from unauthorized use. Printer ribbons, blank ID cards, and the printer itself should be stored in a locked room or secure vault when not in use. Limit access to these supplies to a few pre-authorized and supervised employees to prevent the production of unauthorized or counterfeit ID cards. Some ID card printers include software that can track detailed information on card issuance, including how many cards were printed, when they were printed, and who printed them. 

           Create an ID Card Policy

Once you’ve introduced an ID card program, it’s a good idea to write up an official ID card policy to ensure the system runs smoothly. Some decisions you’ll need to make during this step include figuring out who will print the cards, who will issue them, how often new cards should be issued, and whether cardholders will be required to display ID cards at all times.  You’ll also want to think about how lost and stolen ID cards will be handled. While cardholders are generally responsible, it’s inevitable that someone will lose a card or have it stolen. Having a procedure in place for quickly issuing replacement cards will prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to company property. 

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