Building a Complete Security ID Printing Solution

One of the most popular services that we offer here at Avon Security Products is to provide the option of a complete security system. Companies that are just beginning to get interested in all of the benefits that security ID cards have to offer are usually overwhelmed by the options available to them. A complete security solution, however, takes care of most of the work in making a purchase. Here is a run-down of what this option can mean for you.


Choosing the Right Printer


No matter whether you decide to buy a complete security solution or just a basic printer set-up, the first step of the process is deciding what printer you’ll need. That’s why we make things simple by proving an online resource to quickly and accurately pick an ID card printer to meet your needs, but you can also contact us to find out more specific information on HID proximity cards for your business security and what kind of printer will work best for you.



Security Technology and Other Options


If you’re looking to get a proximity card reader today and a printing solution, we offer printers that are designed to meet a wide variety of capabilities regarding quantity and speed, and are able to come equipped with a number of leading security technologies, including:


·       Holographic Imaging

·       Proximity Card Reading

·       Magnetic Stripes

·       High Resolution Colour Printing

·       Dual-sided Printing


The options that you choose will depend on your security needs. In general, better the upgrade you require of one kind of feature, such as printing speed, the more you’ll get of everything else, including more security technology options.


Choosing Supplies and Accessories 


When you purchase a security ID card printer, it’s important to acquire the right accessories for your system. Some of these are required in order to allow you system to function at all, such as blank ID cards and printing spools, while others help you system to function at its highest capacity, such as lanyards and badge holders. If you’re looking for initial affordability, then an alternative option is a PVC ID card printer alone but in the long run, you’ll be better off to also invest in accessories right away.


What’s Offered in a Complete Security System


The reason that we offer a complete security package is to take care of the trouble of providing companies with everything they need without the worry of potentially acquiring the wrong components for any particular printer. A complete security system will always include an ID card printer, but it can also include items like:


·       ID Cards design Software

·       Printer Ink Backup Spools

·       Web Cameras

·       Tripods

·       Printer Covers


The advantage that you get when you purchase a complete security system is that you’ll have the assurance of knowing that you’ve already acquired everything that you need to get your system up and running at its greatest capacity. Leaving this selection process to the experts will save you time and worry.


Whether you’re just beginning with your very first security ID card printer or upgrading to a model with greater speed and capacity, you should consider the option of a complete system. You may discover that you’ve been missing out on options that will make your system more effective or save you valuable time further down the road when you run out of supplies. Leave the decision to the experts, here at Avon Security Products.

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