Using ID Cards to Speed Up Security in Hospitals

Toronto’s hospitals provide the best health care in the country. That means that they have to stay informed about the latest in medical technology. It also means that they need access to use the most reliable security technology in order to ensure the safety of patients, guests, and health care providers. Due to the time-sensitive nature of health care, however, the best technology isn’t just the most secure, it’s also the fastest. 

The High Demands of Today’s Hospitals

Hospitals and health care facilities of every type represent one of the most demanding work environments in the world. The reason is simple: because real lives are on the line every single day.

Why Do Hospitals Need to be Concerned about Speediness?

Unfortunately, the demand for expert medical professionals also means that health care providers are faced with an unrelenting stream of new patients. With hospitals already suffering the burden of large populations, adding any extra waiting time between patients could prove fatal. Every second that is added on to the time that it takes to move injured or sick people around the hospital could mean life or death.


Concerns about Safety and Speed


When it comes to access in hospitals, there are two things that need to be ensured at all times:


·       High Security Capabilities

·       Very Fast Access


These two factors may seem to contradict each other, but it’s absolutely imperative that they both be kept in balance at all times inside a hospital. While hospitals need to defend against anything that can put staff and patients in harm’s way, speed is also paramount.


The Solution: Security ID Cards


That’s why hospitals require a security system that is capable of the fastest access possible while not sacrificing safety to any degree. When you equip a doctor with a proximity ID card to allow them access to sensitive areas of their health care facility, they save minutes at every single checkpoint they pass through. These minutes build up throughout a day, which results directly in more lives saved.


How Proximity Cards Work


The reason that security ID cards that work with a proximity card reader are so fast is because any checkpoint that is equipped with them does not require contact between the card and the reader in order for an encrypted digital communication that grants access to occur. This means that the highest level of security clearance is maintained, but only takes mere seconds to complete.


Where are Proximity Cards Used?


The security technology that is able to meet this demand isn’t just used by health care facilities. Any business or professional organization can purchase their own PVC ID card printer and blank hid proximity cards to ensure the safety of their employees, clients and guests. When health care facilities, government institutions, emergency workers, and businesses acquire their own security ID card printer, they dramatically increase the security of their location at relatively little cost.

If you’re interested in supplying your place of work with the same kind of security system that is trusted by hospitals, then take a look at the equipment offered here at Avon Security Products and then contact us to get help finding the perfect complete security solution for you. 

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