Choosing Between Breakaway Lanyards and Non-Breakaway Lanyards

When using ID cards as part of your security system one question not to overlook is what kind of lanyard to use. Many people prefer wearing their ID and other important access cards on a lanyard for easy access and to make sure they don’t misplace them. When picking lanyards you have to choose between breakaway lanyards and non-breakaway lanyards. Now you may wonder what the difference is and why this is important. Here is a brief comparison between breakaway lanyards and non-breakaway lanyards and how to make that selection.

Non-Breakaway vs Breakaway

Lanyards can vary based on a variety of design concepts. The art, materials, thickness of the lanyard, and ways of holding ID cards can all vary. The key difference between breakaway and non-breakaway lanyards is the quick release clasp you find on a breakaway lanyard. These safety clasps come apart automatically if sufficient pressure is applied to the lanyard. For example if the lanyard is caught and you jerk your body away from it the clasp comes undone and you no longer have to worry about removing it. This is important safety feature as it can save you from injury or getting caught in dangerous situations.

How to Choose

Now you may be wondering how to choose between these two lanyard types and if the extra features are ones you need. When choosing lanyards the key reason you’d want to use breakaway lanyards is safety concerns. Many industries use machinery where a lanyard could easily catch onto a moving part if you have to bend over it to check on it or make use of it. If your business is one that has such equipment then breakaway lanyards greatly increase employee safety when accidents occur or their lanyards get caught on things.

This built in safety feature is also useful in other industries such as schools, hospitals, or prisons where a lanyard could be easily pulled on. By comparison if your industry is a relatively quiet one without moving machinery or interaction with the outside public then such safety features may not be needed. Non-breakaway lanyards work best in quiet industries such as offices, telecom centers, and the like.

As you can see lanyards with breakaway clasps can be very useful and an important part of your employee safety plan. No matter what kind of lanyards you use for your business you want to buy a quality product. Avon Security Products has been serving Canadian businesses, the public sector, and government facilities for many years along with customers all over the world. As industry leaders we sell the newest and highest quality security products on the market today. For more information, contact us today!

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