5 Steps to Enhancing Your Business’s Card Access Systems

The number of businesses moving to card access systems has steadily increased over the last decade. While card access systems provide a level of protection that you can’t get with a lock and key or more traditional security systems, the more businesses that have them, the more opportunity criminals have to learn their way around the systems. Fortunately, it is easy to enhance these systems, and some of the simplest enhancements can deter would-be-criminals.

Quick Comparison

The reason that card access systems offer more security than traditional methods is because you can track people coming and going. Badges can have photos on them, which is another easy way to verify if someone should have access. Cards are significantly harder to duplicate or mimic because they are paired with the device specific to your business. This is important to keep in mind when you start thinking about enhancing your existing system.

Different Levels of Access

Most employees don’t need access to all areas of your building or facility. By using a slightly more complex system, you can limit access to specific areas or grant employees access based on their position. Access levels can be scaled to meet different needs. If you need to grant different levels of access based on the building, the floor, or even the room, you can adjust the security level so that locations that need very limited access can be mostly locked down without making it difficult to get into the other places.

Access for Visitors

Instead of having a person constantly with a visitor, having a badge for those who will be in the building or facility for a short period of time much easier to manage. If visitors have their own badge, they will have access to a few areas and will not be able to go into locations where they shouldn’t be.

Monitoring Each Door

One of the biggest benefits of card access systems is that you can monitor entry into all of the different areas in the building or facility. These types of systems have multiple uses, as you can monitor power failures, temperature, and water levels. This is an easy way to keep informed about traffic to different places while handling other necessary aspects that are vital for safety and regulation compliance.

Color Coding and Logistics

Most businesses need to have different designated area. By color coding badges, you add another layer of security and visual verification. You can also have landscape or portrait picture orientation to indicate different types of access. Many companies color code or orient the badge differently for contractors. They also have different colors based on the level of access. This is particularly helpful if you have a distribution center or a warehouse that needs continuations security. It is one of the best way to secure products and inventory because only those who have been granted access.

If you have been thinking about getting a card access system for your business or want to enhance the one you already have, you can contact us. We can answer your questions and help you decide what’s right for your needs.

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