How ID Card Systems Help Manage Health Club Memberships

ID card systems keep health clubs safe and secure, creating a welcoming environment for members while keeping non-members out. Without an ID card system, controlling who comes into your health club can be difficult. With an effective system in place, you can not only control members’ access to the various parts of the club, but also manage their memberships and track how often they visit.

Creating a Secure Environment

With health club memberships growing in popularity, keeping track of your members is becoming more important than ever. Wireless ID card systems allow members to quickly swipe into the club, while blocking access to non-members and people whose memberships have expired. This security allows your members to feel safe and secure while working out inside the club. Blocking access to non-members also ensures that the facilities are reserved, reducing demand for equipment in the gym and increasing the space available for working out.

Tracking Visits

Smart ID card systems allow you to track how often members visit the health club. Depending on how the system is implemented, it may also be possible to find out which parts of the health club members use most often. This information allows you to plan future development of the club, as well as targeting promotional campaigns at members according to how often they visit.

Managing Memberships

Health club membership cards can be tied to a database of members. Front desk employees can scan a wireless membership card to bring up the database entry for the cardholder. This feature makes it easy to reunite lost cards with their owners, as well as allowing employees to quickly deal with members’ questions about their memberships. When a membership expires, the wireless chip in an ID card automatically deactivates, preventing the member from entering the health club until they renew their membership.

Designing Your Health Club ID Cards

Prevent health club members from allowing other people to use their membership by including a photo on every card. Other security features include watermarks and holographs, which make ID cards difficult to forge. Incorporate these features into an overall design that matches the branding of your health club. You could include inspirational images of people working out or a motivating slogan. By making your ID cards look smart and modern, you can boost the image of your health club and make members proud to carry their cards with them every time they visit.

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