How to Choose a Fargo Printer

Whatever you need when it comes to high quality ID cards, we have it. Fargo I.D card printers all come with hi-definition printing which means crisp, clear images. The brand has a variety of different printers, with different programs and benefits. If you’re unsure which Fargo ID printer will be best for you, consider the following:


If you require a simple monochrome system then check out the DTC100Me perfect for the single sided, temporary I.D. badges it even has a simple erase and re-write function to eliminate mistakes. The printer creates crisp black and white images, barcodes, QR codes and more. This affordable option allows you to custom design badges without having to install any additional software, making necessary changes simple.


The DTC1250 is the perfect machine for small to medium businesses that require a Fargo ID printer that can print quick, effective IDs. This machine prints both black and white and colour images, and allows you to custom design the card on the spot, no computer program or accessories needed. Another fantastic benefit of this machine is the overall efficiency of its programming and simplicity to use with inclusions like SmartScreen technology, simple set up options, easy maintenance, and graphical display.


At the other end of the scale we have the Fargo DTC4500e, perfect for those bigger jobs and where added security is required. This impressive machine can produce 225 full colour, double sided cards an hour; 50% faster than its predecessor and with the bonus of crisp, clear black text and even a barcode facility. Additional security features can be added with this id printer, including: password protection, data decryption, locking dual-card hoppers for different card stocks, and holographic or UV over-laminates.


The Fargo HDP5000 is the elite model in Fargo’s line of ID printers. It comes with a 200 card input hopper and can print a single sided card in just 24 seconds. If you have a bigger job, need double-sided cards, or even if you need the front face of the card laminated for that extra-durable and professional finish, then the Fargo HDP5000 can do that too. The HPD printers use retransfer film technology, which provides the sharpest images as the rich, vibrant colour saturates the card. The alternative method used by many is the direct to card printing method, but if the card has an imbedded microchip or other circuitry this can be damaged by the direct to card method and give a less than clear image. Retransfer film printing causes no damage to the other security imbedded within the card and it also has the added advantage of adding extra protection to the card.

The best news of all is that it is really simple to use; it has an intuitive user interface, which means it has easy to understand instructions on its smart screen LCD panel and it comes with a choice of languages. It is also has built in Ethernet connectivity so it doesn’t have to remain stationary at your security post or office but can be taken to where it is needed. Cleaning the unit is also a simple process as Fargo now includes a free cleaning roller with each ribbon purchase making it easy to replace the roller each time you replace the ribbon.

For any company, school or even government department that needs fast, secure I.D there is none better than the Fargo range of printers. Avon security products has everything you need so please check these and all the necessary accessories out on our website

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