Consider These New Safety Measures in the New Year

Now that we’ve flipped the calendar over to 2021, the crew at Avon Security Products is back on the clock and ready to help you with security. To help you get back into the swing of things, we’ve compiled a list of new security features you’ll want to consider in the months to come. Keep scrolling to see how you can increase your security in 2021.  

Security Features of Your ID Card Printer

All too often, we think about how an ID card printer will increase the security of our spaces without giving a thought to how well we protect the machine. Remember, an ID card printer produces badges that give access to locations and information that may be highly confidential. You’ll want to consider how you secure this equipment carefully.

Here at Avon Security Products, we help you lock down your equipment by offering only the best printers in the country. You can pick a high quality ID card printer that comes with a locking mechanism that fastens the cabinet enclosure. Only those with the key will be able to use the printer, which means you have total control over who may produce ID badges. 

Our sophisticated ID card printers also come with advanced software security settings, including user authorization and password protections to ensure only approved employees can use them. 

Security Features of Your ID Badges

Turning our focus away from ID printers, we look to the other part of this security equation: the ID badge. An ID badge can show more than just a simple photograph and name. With the right printer and PVC cards, you can enhance your security by including the following cutting-edge features:


Adding a watermark is a smart way to boost your security because it makes your ID badges harder to reproduce. Ask us about our line of printers with lamination modules capable of producing watermarking and holographic imaging. You can also overlay stickers to superimpose texts and pictures onto your existing badges. 

Magnetic Stripe Encoding

We have special PVC cards that come with magnetic stripes. Once encoded with data, employees and guests can gain entry to places and electronics with a simple swipe of their badge. These PVC cards don’t require security personnel to verify their identities in person, so you can save on your security team budget. 

Proximity Card Readers

Our sophisticated prox cards provide the same precision digital access control as badges with magnetic stripes, but they share data differently. 

With a proximity card, radio frequencies transmit data to your card reader electronically. They work a lot like the bank card you hover over the grocery store payment system, meaning your reader doesn’t need contact to verify IDs. 

A contactless form of identification has never been more appropriate as we adapt to new workplace restrictions. Prox cards help reduce what your staff and visitors must touch while eliminating the number of in-person security personnel you need on the premises. 

Bottom Line

Security doesn’t come from a single feature; it’s a collection of mechanisms, technology, and design that come together to keep your business safe. The features we listed above are just some of the advantages you get when you use access ID card systems from Avon Security Products. To learn more about ID printers and ID badges for your unique industry, get in touch with us today. One of our security experts is ready to help you upgrade your system for another year of success.

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