Is Your ID Card Printer Ready for the New Year?

With another year rapidly drawing to a close, now is the perfect time to perform a review of your security systems. 

So, how has your ID card printing system worked these past 12 months? Take a moment some time before the clock strikes 12 to consider how satisfied you are with your Avon Security Products ID printer. 

Why You Should Check-In with Your ID Card Printer

We encourage our customers to check-in with their printers even if things are running smoothly. If there isn’t a glaring breakdown or glitch slowing down your ID badge production, it’s easy to push your security maintenance to the back of your mind. But like any sophisticated piece of equipment, an ID printer benefits from regular maintenance to ensure it’s running on all cylinders. 

So, reacquaint yourself with the technical information and user manual that came with your printer and software. These documents will remind you of all the features that your security system offers.  

If your printer isn’t operating as you expected, get in touch with us today. Someone from our factory-trained technical support team is ready to help you with any issues, questions, or concerns you may have.  

Are You Ready for an Upgrade?

This check-in also gives you a chance to evaluate how well your printer meets your security needs. If your business has grown considerably since you first invested in an ID card printer, you may be ready to get more out of a security system. 

Check to see our printers by industry, or give us a call for one of our printer experts to compare your options. With Canada’s largest photo ID warehouse, we have cutting-edge features for expanding businesses. These include printers capable of faster printing times, custom holographic details, dual-sided printing, and magnetic stripe encoding. 

You may also consider upgrading to a proximity card reader this year. These contactless ID badges send information wirelessly to a reader, allowing access to areas and technology without a single swipe. This will help you maintain social distancing rules and limit the number of shared surfaces your employees and guests must touch. 

Check Your Inventory

As the holidays rapidly draw to a close, many businesses are busier than ever as sales pick up. You don’t want to get caught without essential supplies during your busy season. Running out of these materials could bring an unfortunate halt to your security system and have a rippling effect for all branches of your business.  

To ensure you don’t experience any interruptions, check to see that you have the following items in stock:

  • Accessories (hard ID badge holders, customer lanyards, etc.)

  • Blank PVC cards

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Extra parts

  • Ink ribbons

  • Printer spools

Here at Avon Security Products, we provide everything you need to set up and maintain your ID card printer system. Look for your printer brand and model under our supply finder, and we’ll show you the supplies your printer needs to run its best. 

Go ahead and contact us with your order today, or wait until the new year. We’ll be here any time you need us. Until then, have a happy holiday from our family to yours!

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