What is an ID Card Printer System?

If you’re just starting to look into ID card printers, you’ve come to the right place. Avon Security Products is an authority in the ID security world, and we’re ready to share our expertise with you today.

Keep reading to learn all there is to know about what an ID card printer can do for you.

What is an ID Card and Printer?

First, let’s start with the nuts and bolts of our security systems. In other words, let’s take a look at ID cards and printers.

An ID card printer is similar to the printer in your office — it’s a piece of equipment that takes digital text or images and produces a hard copy. However, there are two major differences between these electronics. While your admin uses your printers to issue invoices, documents, and contracts, ours generate security badges. And instead of using paper, we use blank PVC cards.

We shone a spotlight on PVC cards in a previous blog post, which we encourage you to read for more information. However, the long and short of it is, PVC is a hard, durable plastic that takes to printing easily. Our ID card printers use specially formulated inks that suit the PVC card material, working quickly to produce flawless, full-colour ID badges that won’t smudge or bleed. 

What is an ID Card Printer System?

An ID card printer system is a package containing all the tools you need to design and print secure ID badges. At Avon Security Products, we call this package a one-box security solution. That’s because it includes ID software, ink, ribbon, and a webcam, in addition to a printer and PVC cards.

We tailor these items to the specific brand of printer you choose. As Canada’s largest distributor of plastic card printers, we have an impressive inventory of the biggest names in the security industry:

·         Datacard

·         Evolis

·         Fargo

·         Javelin

·         MagiCard Neo

·         Polaroid

·         Zebra

One of our knowledgeable representatives is ready to help you decide which brand best suits your industry’s needs. Just let us know a little about your company, and we can provide a side-by-side comparison of your ideal ID printing systems.

What Can These Cards Do?

First and foremost, an ID card is an identification system. Our printers generate badges that clearly display employee and visitor names, positions, and images. A quick look at a badge proves your HR or security team has vetted these individuals, and they belong on site.

But this is just one of the many tasks our cards can help you perform. In addition to an identification system, our cards can help you with:

·         Attendance and time tracking

·         Electronic access control for hands-off security protecting rooms, storage units, and other physical spaces

·         Digital access control to technology, equipment, and files

Should You Invest in an ID Card Printer System?

ID cards provide peace of mind that analogue security methods can’t. Not only does it prove the identity of the person who’s wearing it, but it also comes with digital and physical access control and employee tracking. You’ll be better protected and more organized as a result.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level in 2021, give us a call. We’ll help you get the full package you need to make security a priority for the new year!

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