Contactless ID Cards for Cleaner Access

Security ID cards are an essential part of everyday functioning for any business that takes the protection of their assets and personnel seriously. The specific reasons for this may be different in each industry, but the fact that ID cards have been used in so many contexts is testament to their effectiveness and versatility.

The Increased Demand for Hygienic Practices


That said, in today’s world more than ever before, people everywhere are more concerned with the most hygienic use of security equipment. It doesn’t do a company much good to protect them against criminal activity alone when there is also a growing concern about the potential spread of germs. The ideal solution is to invest in a security device that is able to protect against both kinds of threats simultaneously.

Using Technology Towards Better Sanitation

Luckily, a technology already exists today that can help any company to
maintain a high level of cleanliness while also preventing unauthorized personnel from gaining access to sensitive locations. As such, the best line of defense that you can bring to your security ID card system is to upgrade to contactless card reading from Canada’s largest photo ID warehouse at your place of business.


Security ID Card Printers


The first step in bringing contactless security clearance to your company is to ensure that your current security card printing system is capable of creating contactless security ID cards. If you don’t already possess this technological capability then you’ll want to upgrade your printer to a system that is compatible with contactless cards and readers.


One of the best parts about investing in a security ID card printer with better technological capabilities is that these machines tend to contain better features as they go up in overall quality. This means that your new printer will likely give you a range of features that vastly improve on your prior model. Some of these might include:


·         Faster Card Printing

·         Better Imaging Options

·         Holographic Printing

·         Digitally Encrypted Data

·         Temporary ID Cards


Given these available options, and the higher level of defense that comes with each, you can be sure that your upgraded system will provide a solid investment.

Custom Accessories


In order to ensure that your contactless ID cards are as sanitary as possible while being used, it is important to supply your employees with custom lanyards and card holders. These accessories will protect the cards and prevent losses, but they also make it easier for employees to use the hands-free system.


If the type of business that you operate necessitates that frequent visitors access your place of work, then you’ll also want to supply temporary ID cards and visitor lanyards to your guests. Temporary cards are useful because they prevent anyone without the proper authorization from entering your office space and they can be programmed to expire after a set period of time.


These days, you can’t be too careful about ensuring that work environments are as hygienic as possible at all times. Upgrade your security ID card system to incorporate contactless card reading so that you don’t take any chances. 

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