Using ID Cards with Other Security Devices

If you’ve been paying attention to the information on this blog, then you may already be impressed with all of the professional features that a security ID card printing system has to offer. Those who already employ some form or security protection, however, may be asking whether it is a good idea to replace their current system entirely.


ID Cards in Cooperation


The fact is that, there is absolutely no need to discard any security device that you currently utilize when you invest in better security by buying pvc card printers and accessories. The reason is that your new security ID cards will work in cooperation with any other device that you might already have or be interested in buying in the future.


Strategic Lines of Defense


In fact, by combining other security devices with your security ID cards and accessories, your protection will only get better. That’s because you’ll be implementing a strategy of many different lines of defense at your company; and, in some cases, different types of defense can actually be beneficial.


For example, if you’re looking to buy custom lanyards in Toronto for your local business, then you can speed up the time it takes for your employees to access their workplaces, while also promoting your company.


Exemplary Versatility


Security ID cards and the various new technologies that makes them such an amazing security devices are used in so many environments. What is less commonly understood is that their versatility also extends to being easily and effectively used in cooperation with other security devices. Let’s look at a few of the most common examples to provide more context:


·         Security Cameras: if you are currently running security cameras in and around your office building then they can provide visual evidence of the people that gain access to your office location, but they will do nothing to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to sensitive areas.


A security ID card system will only allow those who possess authorization cards to enter your premises and will keep track of the time when each person entered or exited your location. Providing the information gathered from both of these sources to the police, will give them an enormous advantage in apprehending criminals should a breach in security occur.


·         Security Fencing: when you install fencing outside of your building, it can help to prevent anyone from accessing areas where security checks do not take place. If you already know how proximity cards work then you can probably imagine how useful they can be for opening gates around a fenced perimeter.


·         Security Guards: if you station security guards at the locations where security ID cards are used then it will help to ensure that no one is using a card that does not belong to them to access your building. Security ID cards contain high-resolution photographs of the card owner to allow your guards to double check for accuracy.


While you may already own security devices at your place of business to help protect your location, you can easily implement security ID cards and it will only add an extra layer of protection to you company. Get in contact with a security expert here at Avon Security Products to find out more about the best security ID card printing system for your current setup.

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