The 4 Best Accessories for Your Security ID Card Printer

Security ID cards can bring your company better protection than any other kind of protective system – when it comes to focusing on a location that experiences a large amount of employee traffic. Even during the off-hours, an ID printing system is an excellent way to ensure that your building remains secure and protected.


Advanced Security Options


That said, maintaining the best security possible doesn’t simply involve a one-time purchase of a security ID card printer. You need to be able to monitor and operate your system in order to ensure the best protection possible.


One of the best ways to ensure a high level of protection is to stay in contact with us here at Avon Security Products in order to guarantee that you always own the proper ID card printer with the best features to meet your company’s changing needs. Another way is to enhance the capabilities of your ID card printing system by investing in useful accessories.


Getting Started


If you’re looking for the most useful accessories for your security ID card printer, our website offers company ID cards, lanyards, and more accessories that can make you system perform even better. Here are four of the most beneficial accessories when it comes to ensuring a high level of efficiency in your system: 


1)     Badge Holders


One of the most useful accessories that you can provide to your employees is a retractable badge holder in order to allow them to access their security credentials as quickly as possible and prevent loss. Most accessories begin with badge holders because many accessories attach to the badge holder in order to operate properly.


2)     Lanyards


Lanyards are the durable ribbon that you or your employees can wear around you necks in order to hold your ID card in a more accessible manner. Lanyards attach to the badge holder to help ensure that your cards don’t get lost. You can also order personalized lanyards so that your employees are able to easily promote your business at events and conferences.


3)     Arm Bands


Some employees prefer to use arm bands rather than lanyards while they are working. The main benefit of using an accessory like an arm band to hold your security ID card is that it keeps your card very secure and close to your person. This provides an important safety feature for those jobs that require an individual to keep their ID card readily accessible at all times, yet not dangling around them where it might get caught in machinery.


4)     Badge Reels


Using a reel to connect to your badge holder to your body provides quick and easy access to your security credentials without allowing your badge to dangle from your body. Regarding safety, badge reels usually fall in between lanyards and arm bands, depending on the type of work being performed and the danger of the job site your employees are working on.

There may be no better type of security system that you can bring to your company than an ID card printer, but investing in the right accessories will ensure that your system works at it should. Contact Avon Security Products to get advice on the best security badge accessories for your type of business.

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