Custom wristbands for visitors and patient identification

Custom wristbands are useful for businesses in industries that serve many customers on a daily basis, including events, theme parks, attractions, concerts, public facilities and more. Depending on the design you choose, your custom wristband can include information such as admission, restrictions, VIP access, brand logo, tag lines or messages, as well as come in different colours such as blue, yellow, red, or others. 

The benefits of wristbands are endless:

It’s difficult to lose them unlike a ticket. Non-transferable wristbands can only be removed by cutting them off, ensuring that they don’t easily slip off the wrist.

Colours can be bright and visible. As well different colours can indicate access to different areas at an event, age restrictions, type of admission, etc.

They can be used for a single or multi-day use

They include features such as non-expiring or pre-printed expiring wristbands. 

Great way to promote brand awareness at events.

They act as a way to control crowds by allowing access to only those who are giving wristbands and keeping out uninvited guests. 

Tourism and Attractions

Venues such as amusement parks, waterparks, campgrounds and stadiums make great use of wristbands. They can print any information on the wristband such as the date, type of admission, photo ID, company name and logo, age, or any other important information. This industry would find it beneficial to print their own wristbands because it’s easy to customize them, as well as the convenience to print a large number of wristbands per day. Parks and recreation facilities use these customizable or pre-designed wristbands as a way to identify children versus adults, as well as a way to make their facility a safe environment at waterparks. As well, non-expiring wristbands come in different colours so you can distinguish between different ages or access at venues, and the only way to remove them from the wrist is to cut off the wristband. 

Events and Celebrations

Temporary expiring wristbands are a great way to provide event access to visitors and guests. You can design custom wristbands to indicate age (legal age vs underage), general admission or VIP access and the date of the event. The best part is that at the end of the day, the wristband changes colour when the event is over indicating that the ticket is no longer valid. This is an important feature if your festival or event operates over several days; you can have different expiring wristbands for each day. 

There are different options you can use regardless of the industry you’re in. Contact Avon Security for more options on different types of wristbands, and how you can order or print your own hassle-free. 

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