Advantages of Employee Photo ID Badges

Being able to control your organization’s facilities is critical for you to be able to protect your assets. That being said, you will need more than just locked doors to make sure that the right people access the right areas. One tool that you need to start using as soon as possible is a photo ID badge system. The following unique capabilities of photo ID badges are the reasons why this is so.

Security will be enhanced

This is the most obvious advantage of using employee photo ID badges. You do not want unauthorized personnel wandering around your facilities; with the proper ID badges, your security team can easily verify authorization for access to certain areas before they even have a chance to step through your doors.

It will be easier to keep track of your employees

Being able to keep track of when your employees access your facilities is critical for monitoring who is entering and exiting the building. Photo ID badges are customized to uniquely identify each individual employee, so you will know who made each authorized access. It will also make it easier to find out where your employees are in larger facilities. This is an especially important benefit for you to have for your hourly employees, whose pay is affected by when they arrive and leave.

Modern photo ID badges can be integrated with the latest access control technology

Properly managing access points is critical for the security and efficiency of your business. Automated access control is an outstanding way to protect certain areas of your business without getting in the way of productivity. There are many powerful access control technologies (smart chips, RFID, etc.); photo ID badges can be embedded with these technologies. Being able to verify ownership with a photo ID ensures that the right people are using the access control resources in their possession.

Photo ID badges can be colour coded

A photo ID can make it easy to identify employees in ways other than including someone’s picture. They can also be coloured based on clearance level in order to further streamline the identification process. If you have extremely sensitive areas that demand restricted access, then this is an absolutely invaluable capability to have.

A photo ID badge solution will work well for a company of any size

It is a common mistake to believe that photo ID badges are only useful for extremely large companies. However, there are photo ID badge solutions for companies of every size – you can even produce them yourself on site.

Modern photo ID badges are not easily duplicated

Not long ago, a company’s photo ID badge could be duplicated by anybody with a standard inkjet printer. However, photo ID badge technology has evolved a great deal in recent years; because of this, copies of your company’s ID badges cannot arbitrarily be made.

A photo ID badge can make it easier to connect with your customers

Making your customers feel welcome from the moment they walk through the door is critical — it determines whether or not they will come back, or even buy your products at all. When your customer service representatives/sales team wears a photo ID badge with their smiling face and name on it, a customer will immediately feel more comfortable.

Are you using the best tools available to you to enhance your business?

Your company’s success depends upon your ability to maximize security, operational efficiency and customer service. By investing in a set of photo ID badges for your employees to don, you can do just that.

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