Do you have a valid Ontario identification card

Official or valid identification cards are approved by the Ontario government and can be used during elections, receiving health services, shopping or visiting facilities with age requirements, or even to be employed in certain industries such as restaurants. 

Here are some examples of different types of Ontario identification cards you can have. Since these are secured ID cards and difficult to counterfeit, they provide a great basis to design your business’s ID cards. 

Driver’s License or Enhanced License

A first-time license for a driver in Ontario is a blue, plastic card that has your name, photo, date of birth, address and signature. It’s considered a class “G” card. In addition to this type, there are 14 other kinds that include a senior license for those who are over the age of 80, a bus driver’s license and several other enhanced driver’s license options. People 16 or older are the only ones who can apply for a license. 

Ontario Photo ID Card 

An Ontario identification card is a photo identification card that looks similar to a driver’s license, but it doesn’t give a person the privilege to drive. This card is for those who can’t get a driver’s license. You must be 16 years or older to get a photo ID card. 


Whether you have a Canadian or foreign passport, either one counts as a form of identification. The passport has your picture and gives you the right to travel to other countries, but is also an authentic way to identify you given the information provided in a passport such as full name, date of birth, citizenship and more. You can apply by going to the Canadian government website. People who are under the age of 16 may apply for this. 

Health Card

A health card gives people access to health care in Ontario. It is issued by the province the person resides in. It has a bar code if it was issued after 2010 and the card holder’s full name and birth date. It will also have an updated photo on the front of the card, which is a requirement of valid Ontario identification card.

Military Card

A military card shows that a person is or was involved in the Canadian military. It has a person’s picture on it along with the person’s service number, military ID number or social insurance number. 

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