How Gyms and Health Facilities Can Lower Their Risk Levels

All over the country, gyms are back open for business, but plenty of people are thinking twice before they hit the treadmill or picking up a set of dumbbells. Of course, safety is top of mind for most gym-goers, as the Government of Canada still classifies gyms and athletic studios as “high-risk” establishments alongside concerts, cruise ships, and nightclubs.

Fortunately, the government also notes risk levels may change depending on physical distancing and face mask rules.

This is good news for gym owners hoping to keep their doors open in a safe way. There are ways to reduce the risk of your facility, provided you implement new protective measures that include enhanced cleaning procedures and social distancing measures. 

While drafting these new rules, don’t overlook what ID cards and printers from Avon Security Products can do to keep your gym members and staff safe. 

Gym & Health Club Membership Cards Help You Monitor Your Attendance

Safety in the time of COVID centres around de-populating a public space. In other words, you need to regulate your attendance to ensure you aren’t allowing too many people inside at any given time.

While you can get staff to count your customers by hand, this process is time-intensive and imperfect. It means someone has to be at the doors, watching like a hawk as people come and go; if something distracts them, you can accidentally permit too many people for your space.

This is where our gym ID card systems come in handy.

Our ID cards and accessories help your staff monitor your guests, making sure only those with a genuine membership have access to your facility. But better yet, our ID card systems can integrate time and attendance tracking features to ensure you can keep track of your members at all times.

These security features come standard with a variety of our ID card printer machines. And as Canada’s largest photo ID warehouse, we have the widest selections of products and the biggest ID card system brands in the business.

How Else Can You Keep Your Gym Members Safe?

While a sophisticated Avon Security Products ID card system will help manage your attendance, it works best when you combine it with other safety measures. You can further reduce your risk level with the following tips and tricks:

·         Increase the frequency of your cleaning routines

·         Move equipment so that there are two metres of space between each

·         Install plastic guards to create a physical barrier around equipment

·         Enforce a mandatory mask rule

·         Designate workout stations at the free weight station

·         Provide sanitization stations for gym members to clean their hands

·         Propose workout limits to 60 or 90 minutes

·         Bring in an HVAC professional to ensure your facility’s circulating air properly

For more ideas, get in touch with local fitness industry organizations and look for any best practices for handling the risks associated with COVID-19. As always, look to the government and other prestigious organizations for leadership.

Get in Touch to Learn More

As for more information on how our gym ID badge systems work, don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our helpful security experts will guide you through upgrading your ID card printer system. Talk to us even if you aren’t in the fitness industry. You can check out our ID card systems by industry before picking up the phone. Together, we can choose the best fit for today’s unique health concerns.

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