This Zebra ID Printer System is the Ideal Solution for the Financial Industry

For the last decade and more, Avon Security Products have been supplying the country’s biggest corporations, government agencies, and special events with top-rated ID card systems. This ever-expanding list of clients partners with us because we have the products they need at the prices they want. What’s more, we back all our products with lifetime support provided by our consummate security professionals.

As the nation’s leading distributor of plastic card printers, we boast Canada’s largest photo ID warehouse. It’s the only way we can keep the biggest brand-names in stock and a fast, same-day shipping guarantee.

One such brand is the Zebra ID printer systems. Zebra has been one of our best-selling systems since our start, and there’s little wonder why; the Zebra name is an industry leader in both barcoding and RFID technology.

The ZXP Series 3 is Ideal for Financial Security Solutions

The ZXP Series 3 is first in its class, capable of printing contact, contactless, and smart ID cards. Its fully lockable cabinet enclosure ensures strict access to the printer and its ID cards, giving you total control over who may print cards and when.

The Zebras ZXP Series 3 Series Dual Sided ID Card System is perfect for the financial industry because it produces EMV-compliant smart cards.

EMV — or Europay, Mastercard, and Visa, the three companies responsible for this technology — is the technical standard for smart payment cards around the world. It’s the very same tech that powers the chips on your debit and credit cards.

The durable ZXP series promises affordable ease of use with impressive printing speeds. It flawlessly prints 180 ID cards per hour, making it ideal for fast-paced businesses that welcome a rotating cast of clients and visitors.

The Zebra Brand is Adaptable to Your Industry

The ZXP series, in particular, provides a perfect financial security solution. But beyond the financial world, Zebra offers a wide variety of ID card printer systems that fit any industry’s needs. Our extensive range of specialty Zebra ID card printers is available for access control, employee security, healthcare, hospitality, and more!

Not sure which Zebra ID card printer system is the right option for your business? Expert help is only a phone call (or mouse click) away. One of our security specialists is at the ready to help you compare and select the right Zebra ID card printer system today — a service that comes at no extra cost!

Our systems provide a one-box solution, including all the essential equipment to get you started. In addition to your card printer, you’ll also receive the appropriate software, ribbon, ID cards, and webcam for your make and model.

Our factory-trained technical support team provides full training on your printer, software, and accessories, making the full integration of your new security system fast and convenient.

This promise extends to all our card printers, regardless of the brand name. Whether you opt for a Zebra ID card printer or something from Javelin, Polaroid, or Datacard, we’ll be here to help. Give us a call today to find out more.

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