Something to Keep in Mind for Back-to-School Safety

If they haven’t already done so, schools across the country are getting ready to open their doors this fall, many of them for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic shuttered them back in the spring.

Canadians have conflicting feelings over this year’s back-to-school season. A national survey carried out by Maru/Blue Public Opinion shows 64 percent of Canadians believe they should go back to school in the fall. However, 74 percent say they want their provincial governments to invest more money into the school system to create a safer learning environment.

Clearly, safety is a crucial element of education now more than ever. At the same time, physical security has never been more vital either.

As Canada’s top security ID system provider, we’ll leave the health guidelines to school boards and the government, but we are ready to help you tighten on-site security. Our visitor solutions from Avon Security Products play an integral part in back-to-school plans, as our secure ID badges help school administrators crackdown on who can visit these locations at any given time.

Plastic ID Cards for Staff, Students, and Visitors

While school ID badges were once limited to universities and colleges, any educational institution should consider upgrading security systems. Private schools, grade schools, and high schools can also use these ID badges to their advantage.

In terms of our visitor solutions, our systems provide a simple and fast front desk check-in process. They prove to visitors you’re taking the restart of school and COVID-19 seriously, all while strengthening your security and protecting sensitive information.

As Canada’s largest photo ID warehouse, we have an impressive catalogue that spans several different types of visitor and lobby products. We’re confident we can find the best fit for your needs. Our plastic card printer systems can help you seamlessly welcome supply teachers, parents, and repair professionals confidently.

We also have visitor system hardware that prints temporary visitor passes on sticky paper, allowing your visitors to sign in by hand. For added security, these badges are self-expiring. This means they change colour overnight to ensure they can’t be reused.

These passes offer the same peace of mind as our more advanced plastic ID cards, as they let you see who’s allowed to be in your school and who is not.

Student ID Badges Are Multi-Purpose

The staff and student ID cards we offer here at Avon Security Products do more than fortify your on-site security. They also serve these other useful functions:

·         Building and lab access

·         Library checkout

·         Meal plans

·         Payment solutions

We Can Help You Choose the Right Security System

School may be back in session this fall, but your return to class won’t be anything you’ve seen before. As you develop new guidelines to safeguard staff and students’ health, take this opportunity to re-evaluate your on-site security.

If you aren’t sure what your school needs, give us a call today. One of our knowledgeable representatives will help you find the best fit for your visitor, student, and staff needs.

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