Lights, Camera, Action — ID Cards for Hollywood North

Now that the film industry has the green light to resume work, actors, producers, and stage crews are ready to return to sets across the country. But like many industries restarting after lockdown, Hollywood North faces new challenges.

Here at Avon Security Products, we understand the delicate nature of returning to work in times like these; you’re keen to let the cameras roll but only if you can ensure your crew’s safety.

If you aren’t sure how to strike that balance, you’ve come to the right place. While many of the safety guidelines will come internally from your industry and union authorities, Avon Security Products can help you spruce up your on-site security.

The security ID cards, printers, and custom lanyards at Avon Security Products help you control your filming locations, giving access only to those who need to be on set.

Industry-Led Changes to TV and Movie Sets

As the CBC reports, the industry plans to head off health and safety challenges by changing the way they write and film scenes.

Those plans centre around “depopulating the set,” a new post-pandemic phrase to join the likes of social distancing and flattening the curve. It means production crews will limit how many people can work in one space, and writers will avoid scenes that require crowds.

How Can an ID Card System Help?

The typical filming project can employ hundreds of people; that’s a lot of folks to keep an eye on at any given time on a normal day. Now, when crew numbers play a crucial part in your health plans, you need flawless oversight of your filming locations.

Security ID badges and their accessories offer a simple system to monitor crewmembers and visitors. Not only will this help you ensure only those with a legitimate reason have access to sets, but it will also help you keep track of the crew to make sure you aren’t overpopulating filming locations.

Our plastic card printer systems give you the ability to issue ID badges in-house. This freedom is perfect for unusual shooting schedules when you’re just as likely to film at 2 a.m. as you are at 2 p.m.

You can print ID badges whenever you need them — whether it’s at the start of the job or mid-production when visiting contractors, delivery professionals, or health and safety specialists swing by the set. Our visitor lanyards make it easy to spot and identify these visitors to confirm they have the appropriate ID badge.

Why Choose Us for Your Security Needs?

Our large-scale identification projects include some of the country’s biggest events, organizations, and corporations.

If that’s not enough, our plastic card printer systems come with the following perks at no extra cost!

·         PC and Mac compatible software

·         Full training on both software and printer

·         Lifetime support on all products

·         No duties or brokerage fees

·         Fast and free shipping

·         100% Canadian with the country’s lowest prices


Take the time to explore our printers and ID badges, as well as our accessories like breakaway lanyards, reels, and holders. With our reliable suite of products, you’ll be ready to say lights, camera, action with confidence!

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