ID Badges Safeguard Security On & Off the Tarmac

When it comes to airline security, most of us think of what we do as passengers before we board a plane. From the initial check-in, security checkpoints, and finally the boarding gate, passengers spend a lot of time verifying their identities in the lead up to their flights.

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) screens millions of passengers and their baggage each year in airports all over the country. The on-board security of passengers is top-of-mind as many airlines gradually take off again, but the flyer’s experience barely scratches the surface of what goes on behind the scenes.

Here at Avon Security Products, we serve airports all across the country, which gives us insights into these special processes.

Plastic Card Printer Systems Are Essential to Airport Security

Toronto Pearson International is Canada’s largest and busiest airport, serving roughly 155,000 passengers each day and employing 50,000 people from the city and the Greater Toronto Area. Despite its rock-star status as an international airport, Pearson shares something with even the smallest regional airports.

Security is crucial to the efficient and safe functioning of air transportation, no matter how many people an airport serves or employs.  It ensures the right people are working behind the scenes, so passengers can jet-set on vacations, visit family, or take business trips without worry.

Our plastic card printer systems are a critical feature in an airport’s security measures. It ensures airports can provide each staff member with an official ID badge showing their name, photograph, and security permissions. Our airport security ID cards come with holographic imprints or watermarks for added security, making it impossible to tamper with or counterfeit.

With a quick check or scan of these ID badges, airport security can ensure only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas, such as tarmacs, control towers, cargo areas, planes, and more. It also safeguards technology to shield confidential data from prying eyes.

Airport Security ID Cards Need to Be Tough

Check-in agents, flight attendants, and CATSA professionals aren’t the only ones in need of ID badges. A variety of people ensure flights can take off safely, including aircraft fuelers, baggage handlers, janitors, airport operations specialists, mechanics, and more.

At Avon Security Products, we understand these unsung heroes of the airport see rough conditions. Baggage handlers and aircraft marshals are out in any weather, from the most humid days of summer to the coldest nights of winter. They (and others like them) are working physical jobs that can damage flimsy badge holders and other accessories.

That’s why we’ve made secure ID badges and badge holders that can withstand considerable wear and tear. Just like our construction ID cards, they’re designed to tolerate outdoor labour conditions.

Tough airport security ID cards and accessories keep up with the demands of the job, so you don’t have to reissue ID badges any more often than necessary.

To learn more about our plastic card printer systems and badge accessories, get in touch with one of our representatives today. We’re happy to talk about your security needs so that we find the best id card printer system for your business today!

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