How Plastic ID Cards Can Prevent Loss At Seasonal Halloween Stores

Seasonal stores of all kinds are an awkward beast, pop-up Halloween shops especially. They need to be opened, completely staffed, stocked, and closed down in the space of about three months. Since the products they sell are so time-specific and often expensive, they can also be like catnip to shoplifters. It is no enviable task, but you need to be responsible for keeping that stock safe and sound on the shelves.


Thankfully, companies like Avon Security Products are here to help. Plastic ID cards can benefit your pop-up Halloween shop in a variety of ways. First – and arguably most importantly – they will help identify your employees. This might seem a strange thing, but oftentimes seasonal pop-ups must bring on a large handful of employees in a short period of time, making it difficult to tell who’s-who on the staff, not to mention remember their names. Thanks to our wide selection of ID card printers, you can quickly snap a photo of your latest employee and print their ID right there on the spot! You can head over to our website to search for ID card printers by brand and find out which of these printers will work best for your store.



Additionally, plastic ID cards can be programmed to give employees access to a variety of areas within the shop, such as (no doubt jam-packed) storage areas. Utilizing plastic ID cards means employees won’t have to fiddle around with keys and doors – and you won’t have to worry about somebody accidentally leaving a back room open! Additionally, our ID card software is compatible with all versions of Windows, meaning that employees can sign in-and-out of your computers using just their ID cards. This is extremely helpful since many seasonal employees are young and might not have a lot of experience handling cash. Knowing who was using a computer or till and when, exactly, a cash out issue occurred will help you track down the problem and person responsible quickly. Of course, you do not want to punish people for a lack of experience, but you are the one responsible for answering for any issues; so why not visit our site where you can learn more about us and the kinds of security services our products offer seasonal shops?


Best of all, nearly every product on offer from Avon Security Products can be rented short-term so that you do not end up spending a large amount of money on technology you’re not going to be using long-term. Our plastic card printer rentals are initially affordable – and cost less each month after the first! This can be seriously helpful during busy holiday periods like Halloween. If you have a period coming up in which you foresee sales spiking, our basic ID card printer rental can print up to 200 single-sided cards an hour, 150 double-sided.


The best bang for your buck, however, is still making an outright purchase, even if your company specializes in seasonal pop-ups. Most of our printers are small and easy to move from between, say, a Halloween shop in early November to a Christmas shop opening up on the other side of town. They are also products that can be used year after year, especially when there is an influx of new staff. Remember, the one thing that shouldn’t scare you at Halloween is losing money!

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