How to Extend the Life of Your ID Card Maker

All office equipment has best usage methods to increase its overall life span. An ID card maker is no different and as a type of specialized printer, proper usage and upkeep are key. By taking good care of your card maker you assure it will last longer and won’t suddenly break in the middle of a work day. Here are six tips to help extend the life of your ID card maker.

Regular Cleaning

General cleaning and maintenance is the first step to keeping your ID maker running at optimal efficiency. Regular maintenance should be done every 700 to 1,000 prints. As every card printer is different and each brand has their own customized cleaning kits available for purchase produced by the manufacturer. These kits include general cleaning supplies and specialized ones such as cleaning cards you insert into the card maker to keep the rollers cleaned.

Check the Printer Roller

The print roller is the part of your card maker that pulls a blank ID card into it. Aside from guiding blank cards into the printer it also serves as a dust collector as it removes dust and dirt from blank cards before they are printed. Because it collects dust, dirt, and other debris make sure it is cleaned regularly.

Directly Clean The Printheads

Aside from regular cleaning special attention should be paid to the printheads. The printheads are the part of the ID card maker that applies the image and text to the card. Most cleaning kits come with special swabs to directly clean the printheads and remove any clogging or debris.

Regularly Replace Printer Ribbons

During regular use your card maker’s printer ribbon wears out. On average an ID card maker should have its printer ribbons replaced every two years or so. By having spare printer ribbons on hand you can replace them as needed. When buying printer ribbons it is advisable to use ribbons made by your card maker’s manufacturer as generic brands may not work as well or be of the same quality.

Cover and Storage

Covering your card maker is one the easiest ways to increase its usage life span. Dust, dirt, debris, and other environmental factors can get into your card printer and wear it down over time. Also aside from covering your card maker also safely store it when not in use. By storing it in a safe location you protect it from accidents. Depending on its location leaving it out and unattended could cause it damage due to being knocked off a desk for example.

Use the Correct Supplies

When buying supplies for your ID card maker make sure you are getting the correct supplies. The brand or type of ID card maker you have determines what size ribbons, what type of cleaning supplies, and what kind of replacement parts work with it. Always make sure the supplies you’re buying are designed to fit your model of ID card maker. The included manufacturer’s instruction manual (or website) will provide product specifics on what supplies fit your brand of card maker. An ID Card Maker is essential part of many businesses and as such needs to be well maintained using proper supplies.Avon Security Products provides Canada with top of the line ID card products, accessories, and supplies. With over 5,000 customers in both public and private sectors Avon’s success speaks for itself. Contact them today with any questions you may have.

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