The Importance of Name Badge Holders at Industry Conventions

Conventions require all moving parts to run smoothly to be in fully functioning order. Without deliberate attention to the smallest detail, the framework of the event can become sorely out of sync. Attendees and those behind the scenes rely on an organized structure to benefit their ultimate goals. One-of-a-kind experiences are difficult to produce but are possible at the cost of a little extra time and effort. Consistency and uniformity create an environment that breeds productivity.

Why Name Badge Holders?

Awkward pauses can be avoided when convention participants can clearly see the name of whoever they are talking to or listening to. Name badge holders play a vital role in opening the lines of communication. Clarity is important when business associates wish to make connections, gather contact information or socialize with their peers. Ensuring names are clearly legible and badges are not given to wear and tear, the simplicity of a badge holder is an intricate piece of a well-planned convention puzzle. Badge holders typically consist of easy slip-in pouches with attachable neck pieces, straps, pins or magnetic pieces to hold identification in place. Transparent holders display names, and other pertinent information while providing a protective film cover. Convention schedules printed on the opposite side of the badge are easy to access with a simple flick of the wrist, saving money and stopping needless paper waste. Convention planners appreciate name badge holders for their multi-purpose qualities and affordable price; versatility and cost-efficiency are qualities synonymous with success in any business format.

Customization of Name Badge Holders

The type of convention, the venue and the industry’s overall agenda are all things to consider when finding the right style of badge holder to suit your needs. To bring a unified feel to a gathering, company logos or text can be added to colorful lanyards attaching easily to streamline modish badge holders. This provides another element of personalization to convention participators. Varying color holders are obtainable as well from colored borders to full color choices; size variations, horizontal or vertical name holders, and numerous other options are available to create that special experience without costing an exorbitant amount. Additionally, of options that you can choose to add custom finishes to any function include:

Vinyl Badge Holders Clear: This option comes with simple slip on cover, zip closures, clip-on, or with flap. It also is available in vertical or horizontal styles.

Rigid Plastic Badge Holders: Hard plastic stops the ID card surface from scratches, ideal for lanyards or clips and also comes with the option for vertical or horizontal orientation.

Vinyl Badge Holders Color: Available with color specific tops, in full-color, color frame badge holder, construction grade reflective arm-band holder and various other styles.

Magnetic Badge Holders: This style is great for ID and name tags, and also is available in horizontal and vertical types. Magnetic holders add sleek and up-scale appeal to any event
Customization is key in making any event a unique and memorable experience. Name badge holders give you the unique opportunity to inspire professionalism and encourage organization. They will add functionality to any important function. To find out about how customized badge holders can add something more to whatever event is on your agenda, contact us at Avon Security Products to start your journey towards applicable efficiency!

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